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Great Product....but don't use if you have a rear rack installed.

I'm giving the fenders a good review because they work. The front fender installed easily. But, be aware that the rear fender cannot be installed (as is) if you have a rear rack. If you look at the pictures, you will notice that the rear fender sticks way up away from the tire. I may attempt to cut it down but I am not sure that will work. What I most likely will do is install a piece of plexiglass underneath or above the rack to shield my bag from moisture.

Rear Rack for 20 inches Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike and Dolphin

Rear Rack for Seagull Electric Bike
Robert Northcutt (Portland, US)
Good Tough Rack

All metal, easy install and built tough. Holds my backup battery.

I lost a charger I need to get a new charger please!! Bikes a great

Great Product and very great service


The bike was good at first, when it ran. The battery went out before 6 months, but they did send me a new one. The main problem is (they told me it was water proof, not submersible, but resistant)(I called them to verify this) THE BIKE QUIT WORKING. I TOOK THE MOTER APART AND IT WAS COVERED IN RUST. I WAS UNABLE TO FIX IT AND COULD NOT AFFORD TO GET IT FIXED. SO I NOW HAVE A VERY HEAVY LAWN ORNAMENT. I don't know if you can see in the pictures, but there are burn marks in the motor. 😡🤬

love this bike! best thing i ever bought with amazing quality!

160 Break disk/Tornado

Myself & my Tornado we're recently ran over by an SUV 1/25/2023 absolutely incredible solid build on this Tornado putting myself & bike back together ECOTRIC has been supplying me with the rebuild parts 1 being this 160 break rotor what can I say 'Perfect' fit no break pad rubbing!!! Rear wheel coming soon & me n my Tornado will be back on the road/ trail thanks ECOTRIC 🙂 Paul H/ S.W Florida

Evethin IT was fine thank

well made,fast delivery,so far so good.

Replacement Battery for ECOTRIC Seagull Ebike
Robert Northcutt (Portland, US)
New Battery Works Great

Just got my new 1000w battery. Got it on sale at a great price. I added the rear rack to my Seagull and the old battery now rides there for backup. Fast shipment, good service.

Horrible customer service!!!

Battery died after less than a year, customer service is awful, I’m having to jump through hoops to have the situation handled. And NO, they do not replace the battery with a new one, they repair it and give you a REFURBISHED battery. It’s been a month, and I’m still without a bike. Awful customer experience ever!!!!!!

Terrible customer service!

Battery died after less than a year, customer service is awful, I’m having to jump through hoops to have the situation handled. And NO, they do not replace the battery with a new one, they repair it and give you a REFURBISHED battery. It’s been a month, and I’m still without a bike. Awful customer experience ever!!!!!!


It’s perfect, yes it’s true. Really nice to have a spare and double my range.

The lark

The weather hasn’t been the best to ride but I’ve rode it a few times. So far it’s a awesome bike


Going in 4 years and this bike doesn't quit..quite possibly the Best E bike ever built..I have 6 mega boom3 speakers on it now and all the bells and whistles. YouTube video placeholder
Good battery replacement service

Arrived fast and the battery had about 3/4th total charge in it. Its nice to have a back up.

Wowed by this one

I bought this about 2 years ago, and now have 3500 miles on it. This. Bike. Takes. A. Beating. I've been in 3 accidents--nothing serious, but the bike hit the ground in all 3. The worst that's happened was a replacement of one of the brake handles, and re-straightening of the tire/steering column. Aside from its sturdiness, the thing is just flat-out fun to ride. There's a "float" feeling due to the fat tires and the front shock struts. I live in SF, and it's my only mode of transportation--I'll never go back to cars, while in the city.

Battery replacement

I ordered this battery for an older bike (four years old) my bike was the original fat tire bike, but the vendor that builds the battery had stopped building my style battery. So, when I got this battery, it did not fit. I emailed Ecotric and the sent me a link to a new battery holder so that I could install this newer style battery on my older bike. (25$) still waiting on the holder but it has shipped. I will say my old battery still works well for 4 years old just went 14 miles on old battery. So, they really hold up well.

Perfect fit

Perfect fit for my hammer. Simple install and brings back life to my e-bike with about 7200 miles on it.


I love the bike. But very hard to get on and off if u r not in shape. I have fallen backwards getting on 3 times. Wish it was a step through. With snow beach tires.

Rip off

I purchased a new display for my rocket 26 inch bicycle, it took a little while to receive the new display but actually arrived a few days early. I plugged the new display in and I immediately got an error code 10. I sent an email to the service department at Ecotric and it took them at least 5 days to respond to my message. Their message back to me was they could not help me, because they do not do Returns on accessories,. The display is not an accessory the bicycle will not run without the display!. I understand if I wanted to return a helmet or a basket there would be no return on that. I'm very displeased with the company for not backing up their equipment that they sent me. Their response was that the error code 10 was a motor problem. I have seen this area code before and it's related to a defective display, and maybe a motor problem. But I have had experience with this error code, error code 10, and the last supplier that I purchased the display from that gave this error code, gladly and quickly replaceed the display. The new display that was sent by the other company immediately fixed the problem there was no problem with the motor. Ecotric does not want to back up their equipment and I'm very disappointed with them and I welcome the opportunity to let people know that Ecotric does not back up their product. Up until this point I am very happy with the echo trick product in relation to the bicycle that I bought for them. The service after the sale is slow and does not help me with a problem I have by not backing up their product

Ecotric charger

It work perfect and it was shipped and received in two days.

controller for Model 20'' folding fat bike
Candace Sarkesian (Escondido, US)
Controller replacement

Product easy to order and was shipped right away. The customer service was excellent when I called to inquire for the replacement controller.

Hammer time

I my Hammer back in Dec. love this bike! The seat had to be modified. I cut an inch off of the seat frame support. The clamp would still tighten the seat from moving. Just don’t cut anymore than a inch. U should be ok. I’m 5’11 1/2. I can now touch the ground with my feet. If I change the seat to one that’s not as thick. I think I can be lower another inch. This is a very large bike! I added fenders and a rear rack. Easy to do yourself. Only thing you have to do to install rear t fender is back the rear wheel off to tight fender to frame. I chose not to do that afraid I would mess something up. Managed to tight but not as well as I like. Handel bars have been an issue but that can be fixed with a additional screw. Overall it’s a really nice bike and I would buy another one if they ever do a 52V. Even dual motors front and back would be nice.


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