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Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black-sizeguide

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Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black

At first glance, the Seagull's creative shape design will catch your eyes. We choose a straight sloping Aluminum Alloy upper tube instead of the traditional frame structure. This design looks like a seagull is about to streak across the sky, also gives you a feeling of elegance and flexibility.

With 26×2.125 "low-drag tires and a 1000W motor, the Seagull can meet your speed requirements. The suspension front fork and Shimano 7 speed system give you a more comfortable and labor-saving cycling experience. Reliable Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake not only have a better braking effect, adding a guarantee for your safety and also let you never forget its comfortable hand feeling.

"Fly" with the Seagull, Explore the new world with ECOTRIC®!




Rear Hub 48V 1000W


48V 13AH

Weight Capacity



Ecotric Smart LCD 

Recommended rider

Click(the size guide)


hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor



Battery Life

400-600 Cycles


Left Brake For Rear/Right Brake For Front


Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle

Battery Life 

400-600 cycles


26×2.125‘ Tires




Aluminum Alloy 

Weight With Battery

65 lb


hydraulic Disc 160mm Rotor


Speed Sensor 

Charging Time




*Ecotric bicycles set speed limit according to United States federal regulations, maximum speed in power mode is programmable and can be adapted to the local regulations of any country.

*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, wind speed and terrain.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Seagull ecoteric

I purchased my ecotric Seagull mid January, I have not had a chance to ride due to the weather, (not a fan of riding in below 25 degrees) I had a couple of issue with assembly one the front disk was locked tight I had to readjust to fit the disc so as not to rub against the disc not a big deal. second I was very unhappy with the way the battery sits behind the set.I did use an extra washer to push the battery forward but that did not work so I bought an extended velcro strap to pull the battery forward so it would sit forward otherwise the little i did ride the battery would rattle in place. I also do not like everytime I need to move the battery out I have to unlock the seat to move the battery out. The other issue I ran across was the fenders. I purchased the seagull fenders, they are not the easiest to attach and the front one has the compensate to loosen quite easily. I do like the design, weight is not an issue for me. I think a better job could be done to make sure the issues I addressed are tested before leaving the factory. I have to say customer service has been decent in responding although I have called several times and the mailbox is full. Come on guys be better at Customer service.

Hi, Kelth! We have received your feedback on the seagulls and accessoriesand have sent it to our engineers. We will study these questions carefully. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for sharing your time to help us make ECOTRIC better.

awesome bike

bought a seagull. took only a couple days to get it. very little assembly is required only a couple screws, attatch the handlebars and the front wheel, and the pedals. simple mechanical stuff. no bearings to install or anything like that. took it for a spin everything works good. good communication with ego bike. use email to contact them. so far only had it on 1 level road. shimano gears shift by pressing the button under the shifter when you are pedalling. key has to be in the on position to get power to the pas system

Would Recommend the Ecotric Seagull

I purchased an Ecotric Seagull at the end of October. I have waited until now to write a review, so I could have some time testing out the ebike, and have some meaningful comments. At this point I have ridden over 200 miles on the ebike.

The first decision in looking for an ebike was whether to get mid-drive versus hub drive. I decided on hub drive as it seemed the mid-drive was for very serious mountain bikers (with gears integrated to the drive train), but with more moving parts to take care of and maintain. Furthermore, hub drive is considerably less expensive than mid-drive. At 62 years, and an occasional mountain biker, I figured a hub drive would suit me just fine. My decision has been validated with the Seagull.

I started off looking at the Ecotric Hammer fat tire bike. I was looking for something to take on fire trails in the area. Due to limited availability, I focused on the Seagull as an alternate. The frame size looked OK for my 5’8.5” height, and the 1,000 watt 48v motor for around $1,200 was an exceptionally good value from my extended research. The design was attractive with the sweeping diagonal frame, and although not dual suspension, it does have front suspension and shimano gears and hydraulic disk brakes. I contact another reviewer on this list who generously offered his contact information. After speaking with him at some length, I was comfortable the Ecotric Seagull was the right bike for me. That view has been subsequently validated.

Shipping took about 3 days from Long Beach, CA (which I could track). Assembly took me about 4 hours, but that was not hurried. I suspect, most could assemble in as little as 2 hours. Instructions were clear enough.

I charged up the battery and took it out the next day. Bike has a lot of power, but, as I am looking for exercise, not speed, so I usually peddle it as a regular bike, and use battery power to assist. Usually, I am on peddle assist of “0’, “1” or “2”. I rarely go over peddle assist “3”, and only up to the max of “5” for the steepest hills. The battery allows me much more range than I could go without, allowing me to tackle any hill, with the level of effort I am comfortable with. By the third day of use, I was biking thirty miles in 45 minutes. I generally go 10-11mh, as I am mainly on my own power with as little battery assist as possible. At that, I can go 100 miles and only use 20% of stored battery power. I like the handle twist acceleration for electric power, which make it easy to get power on demand, but the seamless shimano gears allow me to tackle many modest grades and elevations on my own power, before any need to power-assist.

I had to assembly problems with the e-bike, both resolved. One was the pin that holds the battery came loose. That was resolved with a 40 cents of hardware (screw and lock nut) from the hardware store.

The other was the rear brake was soft when braking. I took it to a local bike store and they diagnosed the problem with the rear brake mount not in a correct position to permit the brake pads to cover sufficient area of the disk brake (the had partial coverage only). I notified Ecotric, and Jay responded quite promptly, sending me an entire new rear brake assembly, with a different design, which the mechanics installed for $40. Jay at Ecotric offered to reimburse me for the costs for everything.

Another problem with the bike was operator error. I took the bike to a local fire trail and climbed a local mountain, with 2,000 feet elevation in 7.3 miles (6% Avg Grade (3°) 13% Max Grade (7°)) (Old Railroad Grade Mountain Bike Trail, Mill Valley, California ( Going up was great with the battery assist. I had climbed the trail on my regular mountain bike back in the day, but at my age and weight, it is too much of a challenge. Most of the clime as on peddles assist “3”, but with “4” and “5” occasionally. Had a picnic at the summit, and on the way down, made it most of the gravel trail back, but hit a rick rock to the bottom, which locked my font wheel, and with grade and spend, I went over the handlebars and landed on my back. I was wearing a helmet, of course, but was extremely lucky I did not sustain any injuries worse than a fairly severely sprained wrist, bruised ribs, and very ugly bruise below my chin.

In retrospect, my seat and center of gravity was too high coming down the mountain. I should have set me seat lower. A word of caution to all. Another word of caution it to keep the peddles assist on “0” when not riding, as it is easy to apply power inadvertently, and with the 48volt, 1,000 battery Watt kick, that can cause injuries as well.

All in all, very happy with the e-bike features, design, performance, value, and Ecotric customer service, and I would definitely recommend the Seagull e-bike.

Hi, Vasco. Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed and meaningful review. This review will be of great help to other customers. We are glad that the Seagull passed your test and our customer service solved your problem. It is amazing that a man at 62 years old still has so much energy. Sorry for your injury and please ensure your safety while riding. Wish you a speedy recovery.

Excellent value

Great bike. Only drawback is the seat

Great bike

Absolutely love the bike. If I was to change one thing on it it would be the seat.. but that’s an easy fix

Q: Is the electric street legal in vermont and nj. also, is a registration required as do < 50cc mopeds?

A: Electric bikes are federally legal and the are legal in Vermont and NJ. They do not require registration because they have pedals and are classified as bicycles. I would, however, check the restrictions in your local ordinances on riding on trails and walkways. We can't guarantee that some towns or cities will ban electric bikes on certain bike paths. What is great about electric bikes is that you can turn off the electrical part of them and then it's just a normal bike.

Q: I am 6'3" tall and wondering if this bike would be too small for my size?

A: Recommended 5’3”- 6’3”, and the weight of 200-265LB.



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