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Ecotric’s best-selling e-bikes

A lot should be done before you can hop on a bicycle and feel the wind as you glide up hills and zoom past traffic. But the most important thing is choosing the right two-wheeler for your lifestyle. This section is your shortcut to taking your perfect pick among Ecotric’s bestseller electric bikes.

These bikes are admired by enthusiasts and are willing to take you into the sunset. They are perfect for commuting or cruising along bike paths. Whether you fancy a mountain bike or a stylish city companion to zip to work and back, check out Ecotric’s models that fly off the storage racks!

The #1 Ecotric’s bestseller – Tornado

With this mountain bike, you are all set to conquer any trail. Its frame and front suspension are the beloved duo for an untroubled ride over rough terrain. The Tornado’s beefy engine and high-capacity battery give you up to 20+ miles of range on a single charge, while its hydraulic brakes are brimming with responsive stopping power. There’s nothing the Tornado is incapable of as our best-selling e-bike.


This series is for women who can’t wait to experience a silky-smooth ride. The Lark’s whisper-quiet motor works like a charm for pedal assistance, so you can cruise long distances around town or in the suburbs without breaking a sweat.

What makes the Lark our best-selling electric bike is that it comes fully equipped for all life’s adventures. It has a rear rack that lets you install extra seats, a front basket for carrying your essentials around, and fenders that keep you dry no matter what.


For eco-friendly urban transportation, this e-bike bestseller is hard to beat. Why wouldn’t it be easy if it features a 350W motor, a removable 36V 10Ah battery, integrated LED headlights, and a kickstand? The Peacedove boasts storage space galore and is indispensable when picking up groceries, dropping off dry cleaning, or grabbing takeout food.


Considering a two-wheeler with fat tires? The Bison is our massive bestseller electric bike that doubles as the pillar of stability and traction. Its stout frame and tires are matched to an incredible 1000W motor and a high-capacity battery for a 25-mile pure electric range. Named after some of the most awe-inspiring animals, the Bison psychs you up for any off-road trip.

Other bestsellers

There are other series to keep an eye on. Ecotric’s bestsellers are built for real-world riding to be embraced by all lifestyles. Take your pick and get ready to experience the thrill of cycling!