Collection: Fat Tire E-Bikes

Electric fat-tire bicycles that double as adventure heroes

Imagine a traditional bike with enough features to take you on an outdoor adventure. Then add a touch of oomph to its ultra-wide set of tires – and you get our fat-tire electric bikes for sale. These two-wheelers with high-powered motors and large knobby tires to tackle any terrain are pumped up and all set to bring you out there.

Who said cycling has to be limited to sunny days and flat surfaces? You are always prepared to say hello to new tracks with what Ecotric has in store. Whether through snow, mud, gravel, or desert sand, a fat bike is the best bet.

Fat-tire e-bikes are ready to conquer

Within our fat bikes, the ergonomic design meets superior performance. Larger tires provide extra traction for unparalleled control to tickle your nerves. Added power calls for the journey and encourages you to take out your electric bike with big tires. When you are out on it, you can:

  • Get more mileage out of one charge. A high-capacity battery rated for 400-600 cycles (1,000 for some models) is a perfect addition to all-terrain tires, empowering you to ride longer distances without having to stop.
  • Squeeze it all out of your motor. With 500 to 1,000W motors, Ecotric electric fat-tire bicycles let you easily overcome those steep routes you used to avoid.
  • Take advantage of better balance. Thanks to their wide tires with superior shock absorption, our fat bikes bring together excellent cushioning and stability to impart greater confidence when pedaling down hills or indulging in off-roading.

Despite their heroic specs, cheap fat-tire electric bikes from Ecotric are quiet and lightweight. They can reach speeds up to 25 MPH and are equipped with 7-speed gears, inspiring you to take on any outdoor challenge. Some models are available with an intelligent LED display to keep you updated on your speed, battery life, and journey time.

Order a fat-tire electric bike online for affordability and convenience

Compare our 26" and 20" builds and double-check the most-wanted all-terrain features, like enhanced shock absorption, rugged frames, and foldability. Then pick a fat bike that best suits your temper, terrain, and activity.

Grand plans require capable and versatile superheroes. Fat-tire champions by Ecotric are ready to smooth your path to make it an exhilarating adventure. Let it begin now – after you buy an electric fat bike from the dealer.