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Plugged in and ready to go: Electric bike batteries for sale

When it comes to an electric two-wheeler, a battery might be one of its essential components. After all, it’s the battery that powers your bike! But it’s no fun if something is wrong with yours. Fortunately, you can choose a new battery for your electric bike online. Just browse this selection and pick the one suitable for your bicycle.

Guide on how to buy an electric bike battery

Ecotric is known for high-performance, long-lasting Li-ion batteries. They are more expensive than their lead acid or nickel counterparts but have a longer life cycle and are not as heavy. 

You can find batteries of various shapes, sizes, and voltages. When getting into all the ins and outs of Ecotric e-bike battery packs, here’s what you should consider:

  • If you intend to use your two-wheeler daily, you need a battery that can sustain regular trips.
  • For hilly terrains, you will need a battery with more power.
  • Heavier batteries usually last longer than lighter ones but require more endeavor to pedal.

Ecotric is a dealer

Among the main boons of relying on a dealer when ordering a replacement or extra battery, instead of buying it elsewhere, is that you get expert advice from those who perfectly understand your needs. Indeed, as a dealer of e-bike batteries, Ecotric can share some suggestions on the best pack for your electric bicycle. Moreover, dealing with us means that you can know for sure that your battery is original and fits your Ecotric bike.

Get ready to ride with high-performance e-bike batteries

We produce batteries for Ecotric electric bicycles, which means they are fully compatible with your e-bike purchased from us. Besides, all Ecotric batteries are:

  • Of high-grade quality and backed by an 18-month warranty
  • Made to operate in any situation and power your trips with up to 624 Wh, meaning you can squeeze many miles out of your electric bicycle without losing charge on your ride
  • Built with energy efficiency in mind

Order an e-bike battery that fits your Ecotric bicycle to head towards your adventurous future!