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I enjoyed it and take to work each day. I was surprised that it is able to easily tow my grocery load back home with no problem. Good product so far and good price.

New e bike owner

Ok, I am a first time e-bike owner and was recomended to look at ecotric by a friend. I recently wrecked my car and needed immediate transportation for work. It arrived via ups very quickly (I live in wash. st. it ships from ca.) and this sucker is BIG. I dident know what I was getting into. I only use it two miles a day but it has exceeded my expectations. I have to ride in the rain sometimes and have had no problems although I allways keep a can of WD-40 to spray on the battery contacts. More to come.

Great bike for the money

Thanks for making these affordable without giving up too much.

Hydraulic brakes for the Hammer

They came out smooth better than the originals that came with the bike. I love Ecotric !! Super fast delivery. I paid 50 bucks to get it installed at a local bike store.


This bike is a blast, plain and simple. Be careful with the speed it will put you in a tree or into the curb.

Set lock for Hailong No. 1 battery
Randy Smith (Rolling Fork, US)
Excellent service as always!

I reached out to Ecotric via email explaining that I had lost my key to one of my batteries. They responded within 24 hours and sent me a direct link to a replacement lock and key for my specific battery. As always the response was kind and helpful. I ordered the replacement lock and key set and had it in hand within 5 days.
Replaced the old lock with the new one in about 10 minutes. Everything worked as it should. Once again, excellent CS from Ecotric. Thank you!

2nd ecotric bike

Just got it set up , but if it’s as good as my vortex we will be happy! Very well made and very adjustable

Great Very portable and speedy. The battery last for many hours before is discharged

Very great portable and speedy. The battery last for many hours before is discharged. I strongly recommend this bike for people who think of buying an for their transportation.

Adventure bike

First electric bikes me and my wife purchased and we love them. Take them everywhere from the beach to the river trails

Ecotric helmet
Rodney H. (Las Vegas, US)
Great gift

Bought as a gift for my wife for christmas. Gonna have to get me one also!! Great helmet. Lightweight, great features. Visor works as it should. Easy to take on and off. Beautiful protection.

New controller

Fast shipping--good instructions--switched out controller--had a little trouble squeezing it back in to the compartment but after a few tries all the wires were happy & I'm back on the beach--woohooo!!

4822CND Controller for Seagull
Michael Braven (Minneapolis, US)

I ordered my controller for my e-bike 17 days ago it still hasn't come I'm starting to think it isn't going to cuz it still doesn't even have a tracking number

Fenders for Hammer Electric Bike
Robert Pardee (Lubbock, US)
What I expected

Just to let everybody know the Fat tire bike is great! Very well built bike. Brakes motor and battery all work great together. Just added fenders and rear rack. Rear fender could use some support. Gonna attach it my rear rack. That should take care of the issue. Wish the seat sat lower but I can replace the post to make that happen. Tested the bike out twice now. Everything run’s just fine. I would buy another one. Great price right now!


the experience riding this electric bike is amazing


This is my second Leopard as the 1st on was stolen, and I'm more than happy with my purchase.
This bike is like NO OTHER. The frame in my opinion is top of the line, well built super sturdy. Quality Tektro disc brakes that come already adjusted. 2.35 inch tires that take this baby over there top. Makes it look like a real animal!! It's a very quiet motor, but powerful. The pedal assist is smooth as it doesn't feel forced and the throttle responds perfectly. Overall BUY THIS BIKE, one of my best purchases to date.

Front forks

Works good,smooths out the bumps.

Front&Rear Light
Lee Trempe (Oshawa, CA)
Front & Rear Lights

Nice addition feature to order for the ebikes.

Great bike at a Great price

I really like the 5 levels of power when peddling if there were one more higher gear for level 4 that would be good but all in all my third one and I like it

not that good

bike had warped rear wheel still have not got new one how long does it take

Worth it

I dont have many miles on my folding fat tire but so far it has preformed great. Not quite as fast as my wife's Lectric bike but still a solid bike . Looking to do some upgrading on it soon .would buy again

Leopard battery

The spec’s said for the vortex and leopard, I have both and wondered why when I ordered it didn’t ask which type of battery would be needed. My vortex came with 10ah and the leopard came with 13ah. Open up box to find a 12ah, for the money I believe I should have received a 13ah.

New life to an old favorite.

Recently my 26inch fat tire stopped dead about 2 miles from home. It has close to 2,000 miles on it. I decided to change the controller and display and hope for the best. Ecotric quickly sent out the parts. I replaced them myself and it runs better then ever. I get a solid 22 mph on a fresh charge now 16 mph before. It took around an hour the replace both with unlacing the display cable to controller the longest.


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