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Barely satisfied

I purchased the fenders and bike as a set because it was a good deal two bundle them together. I felt the price was reasonable and the shipping was fine. It only took about 2 or 3 days to get my product. When my product finally arrived and I unpackaged it I found that there was no directions for installation. This is not a major issue for me because I am fairly handy with my hands. I know there are a lot of people out there that are not handy with their hands and may have been frustrated trying to install this product. The other issue that got me mad was not enough hardware to install the front fender. I installed the rear fender and bike rack first when I was done with that installation, there was not enough of the proper hardware to install the front fender. I had to run to a hardware store and buy or not and bulb that would work so I could finish the job. Short of that I would recommend the fenders and bike rack for this particular style bike but be prepared, or have somebody install for you. didn't get a chance to put them on yet still using the old ones it seems like I have to adjust them every 200 miles so far I have 430 on the bike now

Password folding Lock
Amy Morley (San Jose, US)
Beware there is no warranted from Ecotrec

Your customer service is nonexistent. You need to replace my controller on my bike I purchased in May 2021.

Rocket rear rack and fenders

I loved the product. I wish there were installation instructions.

Good bike but it's not for short people

I got the UL listed Hammer. I was going to get the other Hammer with the larger motor but it was out of stock. I ordered the bike on Friday, it was shipped Monday and I had it Wednesday so 5 stars for that. I wish Ecotric had a better size chart instead of having the info buried in the FAQ section. After ordering I saw a vid by a guy who's pretty tall and I think he said that you need to be at least 6'. I am 5' 8 1/2" or so I thought. I measured myself for the first time in decades and I shrank an inch but old people do this. I can ride the bike fine but i have to be on tiptoes if I'm in the seat at a stop sign. I am getting used to it but some day it might catch up with me. If you are smaller than me do not get this bike. I've ridden it about 100 miles now with my longest trip being 19 miles and I still had 2 bars of battery capacity left. I was mostly on level 4 or 5 and the bike will do 26 mph if you assist which is an easy peddle on flat ground. It will hold that speed without pedaling if it's really flat. If you try to go faster then you're pedaling really fast which becomes counter productive. I have to climb two really steep hills right up to the house so I'm still experimenting with how much range I have. The bike weighs 69 pounds which is lighter than some but you do not want to be going up any hill without assist. The gorilla in the room would be the comparison with the non UL Hammer with the 1000 watt motor. My bike is pretty fast with good power and will do most hills under power alone. Both bikes use the same battery so one could surmise that my bike would have more reserve capacity due to the 750 watt motor. It's a nice comfy ride and a good value for the bucks.
And Ecotric if you are there, that vid on the Ecotric home page with the two old people reviewing their bikes is terrible. Please put something else there. There are plenty of better ones.


It fits perfect I love it

Phone Holder
Russell Slicker (Yuba City, US)
Phone holder

Works good for what I need. Sans bike lock is good spot for some personal stuff.

Phone Holder
Sterling North (Thornton, US)
Ditty bag

Love my ditty bag….. room for tools and Stuff!!!! The cargo bag is also dandy. Would like to know if I can raise my handle bar up an inch or so.would like a service manual??

Suspension fork

Great product! Easy to install.

Fun little bike

Upgrade for a small 14in electric bike to this step through version. It is a fun bike to ride, two things I would change... the seat totally uncomfortable for a ride of any length and the fact that the key needs to stay in the battery to operate it... husband has another brand and he can just turn on the bike with the key and remove it from the bike... other than these 2 things one of which can be fixed easily... it is a nice step through for less than 800 bucks and I am very happy with the battery life and the speed.

Rear Rack for Seagull Electric Bike
john miller (Temecula, US)
strong and lightweight

will work great.

A must have for your bike

Fits right, easy to install, kinda pricey though.

Rear Rack for Hammer Electric Bike
William Pulliam (St. Petersburg, US)

Rear Rack for Hammer Electric Bike

Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike - White
Mark Haigh (Johnstown, US)

Bike is well built nice welds was boxed well in good shape

I'm Totally Satisfied

I'm very happy I purchased this Ecotric model, Leopard . . . It fits me well, I'm 5'7", and 78 years young . . . I was pleased that most of the bike was put together, I just needed to attach the front wheel and handle bar plus all the associated items and OH, the seat too. I did order a front and rear light for $53. My biggest complaint is that the company doesn't answer either of their 2 published phone #'s but do respond to emails. They also do not have a rear rack for this model but do point you to go online and figure out a suitable one, best guess I assume.


I bought 2 ecotric 26” electric fat tire beach and snow bikes. My husband and i are just beyond impressed. It gets us out of the house on evenings when we don’t have much time to do anything else. We go camping alot and this is just something else we can do. We have a child carrier i pull behind mine for our 2 Weiner dogs. They just love it. The only issue we run into is the dirt flys in their faces from the back tire on the bike trails so we feel as if staying on the tar is more enjoyable for them. So my husband is going to look into getting a long fender to keep the dirt from flying in their faces. But they are very fast and are great off road even driving over stumps and roots. We again are just so impressed with how well they work and perform. We are very happy.

Very nice bike. Love it 😀

Great Eco bike

Excellent bike I love it well worth the money I spent keep up the good job guys thank you

Great bike!

Bought the 20" Fat tire bike for my wife and we've been pleasantly surprised at the build quality and the speed of this bike. I have the 26" Fat tire bike and it also exceeded expectations. Good range on long rides on a charge. Jay in the service dept. has been excellent answering any questions that I had. Highly recommend.

What Fun!

I got this bike mainly for our camping trips so I've not got much riding time since where I live there no place to ride it safely but I can tell I'm going to like it. Assembly of it was without problems unlike some who said they had problems understanding the manual. The first thing I did do was replace the seat with a Bell memory foam one off of my non e-bike and this was a 100% improvement. There is some other things I would like to add later but for now I'm very happy with the money spend.

Exoteric seagull

I love my bike. It’s def a quality built bike. It gets me everywhere I need to go. Only negative thing I have to say is, the rear bearings are making a terrible noise but I suspect that is due to the terrible condition of the roads here in Akron Ohio.

Password folding Lock
Cynthia Tilker (Santa Rosa, US)

Password folding Lock


The bike is good but my front brake is not working properly

We are in LOVE with our Ebikes! Not only are they clutch while camping, but we enjoy them almost every evening just tooling around town. We live the beautiful mountain state (WV) and they perform amazingly! I recommend to anyone considering this purchase.

Rear Rack for Hammer Electric Bike
Eric Riding (Gloucester City, US)

Also bike and even better customer service which is so impressive,people always comment on the bike and I let them know how awesome the customer service is,keep up the good work!!!


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