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I love my fenders but there needs to be directions pertaining to each type of bike. Also, it's very hard to attach without taking the tires off and that could be a problem for most especially the rear tire.

Good service


Mostly good for the price

I've had my Peacedove for about a week and a half. It arrived very quickly. It was unnecessarily difficult to assemble, especially the rear rack and front basket, and the fenders, which are flimsy and slightly warped so that it is difficult to get them adjusted so they don't rub on the tires. I was also short a nut and bolt set and had to improvise. All this with a mishmash of online instructions and a universal paper set with an insert specific for the Peacedove. I also had to use close ups of the bike pictures on the website to find attachment points for the fenders, rack and basket. Additionally, my rear tire has a slow leak. There are extremely limited instructions for actually operating the bike, and nothing about optimizing your riding.
All that said, it is fun to ride. I bought it mostly for commuting to work, and I think it will be great for that. It has plenty of cargo space for what I need, and it handles hills well, which is key for my hilly ride. Part of my ride is also on dirt road, and it is good there, though not on slushy snow. The Peacedove is comfortable to ride with a good comfort seat and ergonomic handle bars. The top powered speed of about 20mph is as much as I think I would want. I did a 17 mile ride with mixed power usage and used about 3/4 of the battery. So far I am mostly satisfied with this inexpensive ebike.

Sturdy rack

Easy to put on . Empire expensive then other racks . Some bikes come with the rack.

Cant STOP riding

I recently ordered brake levers online from ecotric,and I must say the customer service was great, informative, and when Ithought there was an issue with my delivery a staff member Jay , tracked and confirmed the whereabouts of my order which was in my mailbox that day. Thanks,cant stop riding.


I made the mistake buying a different one attached to my seat post scratched up my fender. I bought the ecotric rest fender fitment perfect solid . Should of bought ecotric from the start . Lesson learned highly recommend.

Fast shipping

Fast shipping on a timely manner. Excellent product. Will definitely buy again.

Not a smooth ride

I love the look of my bike though it was harder to put together than advertised. I had test driven other electric bikes which ran really smoothly so was disappointed on my peace dove test drive. It was very jerky giving me spurts of energy that nearly made me crash until I got the hang of it. We went on a 5 mile ride today which gave me more time to get used to it. It was great on flat areas in helping me keep up with my husband as well as long gradual hills. There are a few spots in our park that dip down with a short steep rise and the electric feature didn’t kick in well on those spots nearly making me wipe out. If I had twice the budget I’d get one of the others that I test drove but for the price I paid I’ll learn to live with the jerkiness and save up for a better bike next time....or maybe return it

Great bike!

This has been a great value. Lots of quality parts and runs really well for the price. Bought it expecting to have to upgrade a lot but I am pleasantly surprised. Seems the battery will need to be upgraded although as it drops 3 bars when running PAS 5. I also throw the chain on the front gear sprocket on hills and bumpier locations. But all in all, for the price it's a really good bike. Rides smooth and has a fair amount or torque. Be aware, it's a LOT bigger than expected. If you are under 6 ft you might not fit it very well. I will buy more from ecotric for a bike for my wife here pretty soon. Also sending friends to these guys just because of the decent quality. You really get a big bang for your buck with these.

Fits good!

Perfect fit for my wife's 20in fat tire bike. Lightweight and seems pretty sturdy. My only complaint would be the price. $60 seems a little to high to me.

first electric bike

ecotric was a great help in picking out the bike for me. so far bike
has been wonderful! the price was rite compared to some others just like it. my only problem is im only in florida for 4 months then i go back to my other home. problem is keeping the lithium battery charged. i was told i couldnt use a trickle charger on this battery. no other chooses at this time. so my only choose is let the battery die and recharge it when i return.

Love my new bike it's amazing. Road twenty miles the first day with no issue.

Kewl Helmet

I love my helmet. I really love that it has safety light on the back of it that blinks in many different patterns. And the mirrored shade is nice. Looks cool.

Fried controller

The controller box is Not water tight, so water got in and fried the circuit board. The phone lines never picked up, useless, finally got responce to an email with a hidden link to the part. Shipped fast and installation was easy. Seal the hole in the box, before this happens to you.

Hi, Mike! We are sorry for your bad experience. The box has certain water resistance, but we recommend avoiding contact with water as much as possible. Thank you for understanding.

haven't received fenders yet to tell

Mail is horrible and it's been a month and i haven't received fenders!!!

Hi, Michael! We are so sorry that you haven't received your goods after waiting for almost a month. We have shipped the goods on February 8th. Maybe because of the epidemic and snowstorm, the speed of delivery is very slow. We just check out your order and your goods have arrived. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Almost Perfect

Bike shipped amazingly fast, very easy to assemble even for old people. Slightly bent fender but did not affect function so let it go. We have 8 bikes in our garage - road, mountain, commuter and 4 ebikes. Purchased this one as an easy step through for my husband who is 85 and has a hard time getting on our bigger ebikes. As an experienced cyclist I was a little dismayed by the reversal of the normal left brake lever for the front brake, right for rear. I have run across this reversal in Europe and it can be hard to adapt to. On this bike the front brake is traditional pad so it does not "stop the bike on a dime" and pitch you over the handlebars so it's not a major problem. The throttle is the only other feature which takes some getting used to. It is a full grip throttle so fairly easy to engage when you might not want it, like sitting at a stop light with your hand resting on the grips - oops. It was unsettling for my husband so he is riding my much more expensive folding ebike with boost but no throttle and I am on the Starfish. Now that I have experienced it for awhile, I have no problem with it.
I wish the cranks were longer. I am often pedaling like a maniac to keep up with him and my other biking friends. But I could change them. It can be a good work out or I could use the throttle. Plenty of power for any hill. Seems to have plenty of range on a charge - our longest so far 20 miles did not deplete the power by more than 2 dots. Hardly ever have to shift gears - mostly stay in 7. Instead I change the level of assist often.
Plusses: easy to remove battery which makes it easier to lift onto the rack or into the trunk; If you don't want to peddle at all (not me) you can use throttle only, so it is a reasonably priced scooter; fun; and the price cannot be beat! This should be a 5 star review but I really wanted to point out the things I think you should know if you are in the market.

Vortex Ecotric 7speed Mtn. Bike ., I started out with wrongly addressing my order, could u imagin...
Great ebike

Did six months of research and test rode RAD fat tire ebikes last fall. Received my ebike and all components were wrapped carefully and in good shape. I opted to have the bike shop I have been doing business with for 40 years assemble it. Two reasons, it's awkward to put together if you are doing it yourself and assembly was only $75. They charged battery and I took it for my first ride. Right away, I noticed it was lighter than the RAD I rode last year which helps getting on and off the ebike easier. Also, it switches gears and assist level quite easily and efficiently.
Have now rode it three times and it handles well + gives me the extra push when I need it. Battery seems to last six hours riding on assist levels 2 and 3. The best thing about Ecotric is the customer service. I tried to get a quote from RAD on two occasions yet quote never came. For the price, customer service and ebike itself, I would say Ecotric is definitely a quality product!

definitely not a generic piece of crap....

pieces are beautifully made and finished, and fit perfectly. the only reason i am giving less than 5 stars is that the front fender is only attached at one point and it can get out of alignment with the tire because it can move around the mounting point. the back fender is supported by the rack and is very stable.

Getting what I want

Just what I needed

Bracket for S900 display-YBZJ003

Great Bikes

I ordered 2 of the 48V bikes and they are great.
Use the coupon code Forever 100 and get $100 off of every bike

Nice rack...

This rack is very lightweight and seems to be quite well made. It is stamped "MAX LOAD 25KG" which is indicative of Ecotric's confidence in their product. It mounted easily and accurately in less than 5 minutes. It costs more than many advertised on Amazon but comes with the added confidence of knowing that it will fit as intended. Recommended!

Rear rack

Easy to put on. Great quality...adds no weight to the bike. Price is HIGH


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