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Good value Fun to ride

Got this bike after researching and talking to my neighbor who has over 4000 trouble free miles on his so far this year.
After assembly, I have been pleased with the way it rides and makes pedaling easier and more fun.

Large Basket
Rich (Rochester, US)
Sturdy and functional

Once I requested and received the PDF file of instructions, I was able to install the rack and basket. A little piece of paper with web address would have been nice, and saved time.
In order to get a proper fit and alignment of the bar coming down on each side of the rack I filed about 1/32" off the bottom of each side before connecting so there was no interference with the rubber cover of the hubs.
Also, I purchased wing nuts to use at the bottom of the 4 bolts on the basket so I can take it off and put it back on easily.
Did not bolt the top of the basket sides, as I plan to use small bungee cords as needed.

UL Certified-Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike - Matt Black

Nice fenders

Cant wait to put them on the bike when it comes.

Quick and fast service

Received the battery a couple days after ordering. Battery was just as described and works great.

Brake Pads for C.STAR Brake
James Boswell (West Fork, US)
Brake pads

I recently purchased some c-star brake pads for my Ecotric E Bike. The service department walked me through how to change the pads. Everything went smoothly and I was back on the road in no time. Thanks Ecotric!

folding fat tire e bike

the bicycle itself is great butttttttt the battery lasted just over two years?????????? i got maybe one hundred charges befor it conked out of course the warrenty had ran out......

Fenders and rack

About the fenders and rack everything fit into place but you almost had to have Chinese hands to get to some of the backing nuts to hold the fender on.
**On an added note; I originally bought this bike through a company called fametrade ,with a battery issue they gave me the runaround ,so I turned to the manufacturer ecotric, and they pretty much gave me the same run around also making a statement that I should send with my money back and 8 lb battery to China so they can inspect it because of a quick weakening problem of the battery it wouldn't last over a mile before it hit the second bar which is when you're supposed to recharge lithium ion battery,just a warning the batteries that come with this ebike seem to be very weak ,so you might want to replace it with something better and bigger ,48v and change battery size in your settings.


Goes great, takes a little bit to get used to. Not the best directions for putting it together but it is quite simple if you take your time.

OE replacement

OE replacement just like the original parts

Most bang for the bucks!

First off, this is my second Seagull by Ecotric. I’ve read a lot about e-bikes and have ridden several. I’ve see people make conversions and seen enough of the highest end. This is the deal that no one can beat and won’t for a while. The list is long of what the bike has from the 1000 Watt hub motor to the hydraulic brakes to front shocks. It’s a great ride no matter what road. Hills are no problem. I have very steep hills all around my neighborhood. I’m talking Twin Peaks in San Francisco and riding the rim of Lake Tahoe. Not even breathing hard. It has a nice twist throttle to make starts easy and variable power settings so it isn’t always all power all the time. It has normal tire size. It has a built in taillight. On flat terrain it isn’t necessary to use power as it has a 7 speed Shimano. Add all this up and it’s quite a bargain. The regular price is amazing but when it’s on sale it’s outrageous that I got all this for less than $1000!
There are some downsides. But there’re downsides to all e-bikes, whether it’s cost prohibitive or the tires are hard to replace. That isn’t the case for this Ecotric. It’s “downsides”, if you’re an avid off-roader, is that it isn’t designed for challenging off-road rides. This would be best suited for roads. Touring around towns, commuting, shopping, cruising the Boulevard. It’s heavy. All e-bikes are. Sure, anyone could spend $5000 for a lightweight e-mountain bike and not worth about getting stuck on some rock or roots but most rarely ever go off-road even when buying that $5000 bike. I know. I have one of the best mountain bikes ever built and it’s only been on trails two times. That one isn’t electric.
The other “downside” is its range, though, I’ve never run out of power while riding. I pedal a lot without the power, using it on uphills only.
If range is an issue, but a second battery. With two, 40 miles would be easy even if using mostly with the power on with hardly any pedaling. And with a second battery it still would cost less than any other e-bike with comparable components.
I also have an Ecotric Beach and Snow e-bike which I purchased years ago before there was the Seagull. It has been great but it isn’t the best for the steep hills of San Francisco. Especially, now that I’m over 65, the extra boost from the Seagull’s 1000 Watt motor makes it fun to ride again.

New Battery is very good, seems like a different manufacturer, but power galore, the "Hammer" is a pleasure to ride, original battery still going strong with over 600 miles on it, I am 6'2", this bike leans into curves, awesome bike, good to have a backup battery ready to go,,,,TC

Life Saver

I'm so impressed with this amazing bike. It has met and exceeded my expectations. I have biked over 800 miles and lost 65 pounds. I had a stroke and heart attack 4 months ago. Doctor order me to lose weight and build up my cardiovascular. This bike allowed that to happen, and it saved my life. It has given me a new lease on life and a desire to ride every day. It's well made with great craftsmanship. Also, it's not scared of any the hills or terrain here in Indiana. It's a must buy!!!


It appears to be the same controller that was in the bike all the wires matched up but I’m having a problem with the number 30 code. That I believe reports a bad connection. Have not been able to find it yet. Riding bike When motor should be energized I feel good resistance when pedaling. Turn off bike and easier to pedal. Any Suggestions on which wires may be the culprit would sure be helpful

Replacement Battery for ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Ebike(FAT20810), Starfish, Dolphin and Peacedove

Good service

Easy to install

Thank you so much super

Good working thank you

Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - White
Ryland Steinson (Virginia Beach, US)
Second seagull purchase!

Absolutely love this bike got a second one. Please improve the seat it’s not comfortable

Not happy

Bike died 2 mos out of warranty and no bike shops will work on the bike.

Brake Pads for C.STAR Brake
James Boswell (West Fork, US)
Awesome service!

Called for help on brake adjustments. Service rep. G-Man walked me through everything with patience and kindness. Instructions were right on point. Couldn’t have been any easier! Thank G-Man!!!


Great seller item was perfect

Fixed the problem

I installed the display ,it works great. I just wish it didn't cost so much!

The mounting brackets for the S900 display
arrived within a week. Easy installation.
Work great!

All around awesome bike.

I've had it for just under 2 weeks, I've only ridden it 16 miles so far but I love it! assembly was a breeze,
Some reviewers have stated they felt it should have been a 48 volt bike, but in my opinion, it does just fine with 36 volts. The only critical thing I can say, isn't even about the bike, but rather the lack of instructions about the LCD controller, more specifically, the programming menu, I had to look it up on you tube to get any information about making a few small changes in how it functioned.

Ecotric helmet
Susan Ober
Its om

Just wrote a review n now u want me to write it again ....guck this


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