Applicable Models

    Step-Thru E-bikes

    UL Certified-Ecotric Starfish 20inch portable and folding electric bike - Matt Black


    UL Certified-Ecotric 20inch Blue Starfish portable and folding electric bike


    UL Certified-Ecotric Starfish 20 inches portable and folding electric bike - White


    Ecotric 26inch White Lark Electric City Bike For Women with basket and rear rack


    Ecotric 26inch Black Peacedove electric city bike with basket and rear rack


    Ecotric 26inch White Peacedove electric city bike with basket and rear rack


    UL Certified-Ecotric 20inch black Portable and folding fat bike model Dolphin


    UL Certified-Ecotric 20inch white portable and folding fat bike model Dolphin


    Best step-thru electric bikes for effortless getting on and off

    In the market for the best e-bike? Transform your commute into a daily workout with Ecotric electric step-through bikes for sale. Their low-step frames make riding an experience to enjoy, even if you wear loose-fitting clothes. Hop on and off in seconds without wrinkling your trousers, skirt, or dress, and ride with flexibility and confidence.

    Our step-through e-bikes let you forget about mobility issues that make it painful or uncomfortable to ride a bike. The comfy, upright riding position ensures you don’t overload your body while the built-in motor delivers the required pedal assistance. You can now climb hills and cover longer distances, regardless of the mobility issue, the type of clothes you wear, or how young or old you are.

    4 Series of Ecotric electric step-through bikes for sale

    Ecotric e-bikes embrace comfort, robustness, and affordability. These are ubiquitous across all our step-thru series. Pick and order a step-thru e-bike that appeals to you:

    • Starfish. Our Starfish bikes are lightweight and sturdy. Once folded, they fit perfectly into a trunk and can be taken into the subway. When riding a Starfish, you can cover up to 20 miles by relying only on the motor or 36 miles with pedal assist. White, black, and blue Starfish step-thru bikes are available. 
    • Dolphin. If you plan to hit an unpaved road, the fat tires of our Dolphin e-bikes can make a difference. They are ideal for snow, sand, and other hard-to-ride surfaces.
    • Peacedove. Adorned with a front basket, our Peacedove e-bikes are perfect for grocery shopping and running errands. They have seven gears that maximize flexibility when you need to control your effort as you ride.
    • Lark. This is the best electric bike of the step-thru configuration for women. The design of our Lark series prevents your clothes from getting into the bicycle’s moving parts, so you will never have to sacrifice your style for mobility. Then, put your bags, books, or other belongings into your Lark’s spacious basket.

    Buy a step-thru e-bike online

    Ecotric is a step-through electric bike dealer that prioritizes your comfort and health. This is notable across our step-thru series, whether you fancy the tenderness of Lark or the all-terrain qualities of Dolphin. On any Ecotric bicycle, you will never lose footing when stopping or mounting and will have improved control over your pedal movements.

    We can ship your step-thru bike within three days. Order now to hop on your Ecotric in a week!


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