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Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike-sizeguide

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Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike

Peacedove is a practical city commuter bike, also a good helper in your life. It easy to get on and off the bike, especially fit for elders and women with dresses.

The front basket and the rear rack help you place and transport a lot of things. Ergonomic cushions allow you to sit for long periods without strain. The 350W motor and 10AH lithium battery make it easy for you to face the busy city life.

Get the Peacedove, enjoy city life!




Rear Hub 36V 350W




 V brake


  Shimano 7 Gears





Weight Capacity

265 lb

Weight With Battery

55 lb


36v 10AH

Charging Time

6-8 Hours


Speed Sensor 


Disc brake


 Pedal Assist On-Demand Throttle


 26 x 1.95' Tires

Battery Life

400-600 Cycles

Recommended rider

Click(the size guide)

Brake System

Left Brake for Rear/Right Brake for Front

*Ecotric bicycles set speed limit according to United States federal regulations, maximum speed in power mode is programmable and can be adapted to the local regulations of any country.

*All range estimates are contingent upon rider and towing weight, wind speed and terrain.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Not a smooth ride

I love the look of my bike though it was harder to put together than advertised. I had test driven other electric bikes which ran really smoothly so was disappointed on my peace dove test drive. It was very jerky giving me spurts of energy that nearly made me crash until I got the hang of it. We went on a 5 mile ride today which gave me more time to get used to it. It was great on flat areas in helping me keep up with my husband as well as long gradual hills. There are a few spots in our park that dip down with a short steep rise and the electric feature didn’t kick in well on those spots nearly making me wipe out. If I had twice the budget I’d get one of the others that I test drove but for the price I paid I’ll learn to live with the jerkiness and save up for a better bike next time....or maybe return it


Love my bike. So nice riding. I am retired and couldn’t keep up with my husband when we road. Now he’s gotta keep up with me

Peacedove White

I bought this bike for my wife. We received the bike in less time then estimated delivery. The basket came first then the bike a few days later. I enjoyed putting the bike together, it gave me good insight of the quality. The back rack and the front basket are a good size a sturdy. My wife loves to ride it and wants me to get one and we can ride to the market together. So I just bought a Peacedove in black.

Great bike

The instruction manual to assemble the bike needs major reworking. If you think IKEA furniture is hard, this one is ridiculous. In the delivery package they should have links to YouTube videos, but the ones they have done aren’t sufficient. Very hard to adjust the front brakes, insert the front wheel, and almost impossible to install the front basket. Absolutely no instructions with that or videos. It arrived with a broken spoke, but customer service sent out a replacement front wheel immediately

Great bike

Bought this for my wife so she could keep up with my rides. Works great. Only complaint is the lowest power assist is still too fast. Wish there was a wider range of power assist levels. That’s my only reason for not going 5 stars.

Q: Does this only have a throttle speed control, or does it also have a pas power assist when you peddle? hopefully, it has both.

A: Yes it has both, with 3 speed levels in pedal assist

Q: What is the length width depth and weight of the box when shipped please. I want to take it on a plane as luggage

A: It is over 6' long about 2' wide and about 4' high and quite heavy.

Q:Hi I'm 6'5 285 am I too big for this bike?

A: Recommended 4’9”- 5’9”, and the weight of 200LB.

Q: Is the electric motor quiet or fairly loud?

A: It is very quiet, and the only thing that you will hear is a slight whirring sound which is not very noticeable.

Q: Can you build it your self at home?

A: Mine arrived in a box and required some assembly - front tire, seat, handlebars, etc. It was not difficult.

Q: Is the battery removable and how much it weights?

A: It locks in place with a key and can be removed. It weighs 6 pounds.

Q: Can i charge my battery with out attracting it to my electric bike to charge?

A: Yes. You can charge it while the battery is attached or you can remove the battery and charge it anywhere you have an electrical outlet.

Q: can you ride it without the battery? like a normal bike?

A: Yes. You can ride it like a normal bike with the battery removed or with the battery in place but turned off with a simple push button control on the left handlebar.

Q: Will this bike accept a rear fender? Without a fender won't the rider get back splashed?

A: Yes, it has the hole on the frame to attach one.

Q: Does it work well on beaches with of sands?

A: Better than regular bike but a challenge OK dirt roads wet sand.



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