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De-mud your ride with bicycle fenders for sale

There’s something amazing about testing your riding skills in muddy conditions. You go forward with limited traction and learn to balance your weight on slippery surfaces that slow you down. Is it tough? Absolutely. Is it fun? You bet. But what is not fun is a bike spattering your face and garments with mud during a leisure ride. Without tire fenders, that’s a reality most cyclists have to confront sooner or later.

You don’t want to be one of those covered with mud when you show up for a meeting or enjoy an outdoor family retreat on a day after rain showers. Fend off sand and dirt propelled from your tires with extra-durable bike tire fenders for Ecotric bicycles! Available for front and rear wheels, they protect you from pesky splashes when riding off-road or in the rain.

Our mudguards can be installed for regular and fat tires. If you already own an Ecotric bike, make sure you’re attaching compatible fenders to brazenly get through muddy trails. We have them for:

  • Rocket
  • Hammer
  • Vortex
  • Seagull
  • Fat-tire models

Are you a commuter? Order tire fenders that look sleek and blend into the design of your city-style bicycle. We have them in white and black colors to add to your two-wheeler while keeping you safe from puddles.

Ecotric mudguards are lightweight, so they do not impact the maneuverability of your e-bike. This is achieved by using high-performance plastic for rear and front fenders and pre-testing them on all bikes. No uneasy compromises.

Buy tire fenders online from the dealer

There’s no more original product than the one you can buy from a dealer. To get your e-bike ready for mud-filled trips, equip it with Ecotric fenders that you can find in-store with one of our dealers. Hit Here for locations in Kentucky, Florida, California, Nebraska, Maryland, and other states.

Please Note: Attaching compatible mudguards to your Ecotric e-bike carries no risk of breach of warranty. You will still have coverage in its entirety with the best bicycle fenders for our off-road and city models.