Collection: Off-Road E-bikes

Ecotric off-road e-bikes to seek the thrill of the wild

If commuting on a bike is not action-packed enough for you, it’s time to get off the road. But all those boggy, rocky, and uneven terrains can be too tough unless you ride something extra-sturdy and stable. Well, Ecotric off-road electric bikes for sale are known for just that to make your adventures safer and more exciting.

Ecotric off-road series include many fat-tire bikes and models with suspension upgrades. Their steering and handling are enhanced to make maneuvering over rough terrains and getting through steep descents and ascents easier. Each Ecotric electric off-road bike is also assembled with an improved seat to cushion your way through the wilderness.

Our fat-tire and other off-roaders are perfect for thrill-seekers who have a soft spot for sand riding, mountain biking, camping, backpacking, or fishing. Any outdoor adventure feels more exhilarating once you put your foot on the pedal!

Electric off-road bikes that won’t leave you chargeless

It’s all in the battery! Ecotric off-roaders can travel dozens of miles in the electric-only mode on a single charge to get you to any destination in an e-assisted way. The range doubles if you don’t mind pushing pedals to have a good workout along the way.

A single charge is more than enough for any whole-day adventure. But even if your e-bike runs out of power, you still have several options to keep your trip going. When the pedal assist is off, you can use your e-bike as a regular two-wheeler and enjoy its stability on bumpy terrains. Or you can buy an electric bike for off-road trails that can be folded to fit into your car trunk and call it a day when a recharge is needed.

Everything you’ll ever need for off-roading

It’s one thing to order a cheap off-road electric bike online and hit the trail. But your adventure can feel better with off-roading essentials for safety, comfort, and style, such as:

To gear up for your outdoor experience, you can get all these essentials through the Ecotric website or licensed Ecotric off-road e-bike dealers. Please note that going for a Bike + Accessories bundle can save you some dollars to spend on more fun things.

Ride today, pay later

It may be hard to give up on off-roading just because you can’t afford the best electric bike for off-road experiences. With Ecotric, however, you can always afford it right now. You can buy our off-roaders using the monthly installment option without added fees for the payment schedule you’re most comfortable with.

You’ll get your Ecotric off-roader ready to ride from the get-go. We ship all our bikes for free and 95% assembled, so you don’t need to waste too much time piecing parts together. You’re here to explore the outdoors, not to screw things in. 

Choose from Ecotric e-bikes for off-road riding and overcome any challenges the outdoors throw at you!