Collection: 20" Fat Tire

20-inch fat-tire bikes built to take on new challenges

Fat-tire bikes are not created equal, but Ecotric bikes have quite a few features in common. Ready to sport their 20-inch tires during day and night trips, our bicycles take down the limits of your adventures and can be ridden on all surfaces. A 20" fat-tire e-bike doesn’t feel sluggish on wet roads, is sure to avoid knock-overs in the mud, and performs with gusto when riding snowy uphills. 

Do you need anything else for off-roading? We bet you don’t.

20-inch electric bikes for new starters

Are you shopping around to get your first bicycle or make your adventurous kid’s day with the greatest gift ever? Buy a 20-inch fat-tire e-bike. It will keep you in the saddle as you learn to pedal, accelerate, maneuver, and switch to e-mode.

Ecotric 20" bikes are the epitome of comfort. Their fat tires give your ride improved stability to prevent you from tilting sideways and getting hurt. Learning to ride doesn’t necessarily have to involve multiple falls and bruises, and an Ecotric 20" bike can prove it in practice.

You don’t have to be a daredevil, though. Get an Ecotric helmet and other protective gear after selecting your bike.

Carry it with ease when you have to

20-inch fat-tire electric bikes for sale at Ecotric may look as sturdy as stainless steel. But they are relatively lightweight and can be carried across unrideable surfaces or places. They are built as portable bicycles, with their biggest parts being foldable or removable. Think of the upper tube, pedals, handlebar stem, and even 48V battery. You can easily remove the battery and carry it in your bag before getting it in place and riding your two-wheeler again.

Test-ride your Ecotric in the USA

Scroll far and wide to view all our 20" fat-tire electric bikes online. Time is on your side, and nothing is more convenient than checking out their tires and learning more about their extra features from the comfort of your place.

If you want to test-ride your pick, you can do that with little hassle. Go here to find all our US dealers for 20-inch electric bikes and other models. Contact the one near you to make sure your bicycle is in stock and can be ridden whenever you arrive.

No test-riding? Order your e-bike with 20-inch tires via the Ecotric website and enjoy free shipping!