Collection: Accessories

Order e-bike accessories to add something extra to your trip

Ecotric is excited to de-risk your trips and make them more comfortable with electric bike components for every bicycle model and series. We stand by these products and use the best materials while exceeding quality expectations at all stages, from design to manufacturing.

When you buy our e-bike accessories and parts, you get more than replacements or spares. You snatch authentic, original components with an 18-month warranty. Whether you need extra accessories to customize your ride or new gear for safer trips, we certainly have what you’re looking for.

Replacement electric bike parts for every e-racer model and type

Have you just identified your Ecotric bike is underperforming due to a mechanical problem? Choose from our e-bike parts and accessories for sale to get your two-wheeler back in working order in a wink. Whether you need a spare component or are looking to upgrade your ride, here is what awaits you to snap into your bicycle:

  • Saddle seats 
  • Bags, including thermal insulation ones
  • Rear racks
  • Fenders 
  • Helmets and other gear for safe and comfortable rides
  • Baskets 
  • Phone holders
  • Locks
  • Replacement batteries

Not all e-bike parts and accessories are listed online. That means our stock levels are also high for other items, even if you didn’t find them in the section. We’d be happy to keep you in the loop for other products we can deliver.

How to find the right bicycle accessory parts with dealers or online?

Before buying any spare part or a snug add-on for your electric two-wheeler, you need to identify its: 

  • Type (whether it is a mountain bicycle, a commuter, or a leisure companion)
  • Model and series-specific compatibility features

This information is usually given in the manual or when shopping for your bike online. Being aware of your bike’s type and model ensures you’re going for a spare part that optimally fits it. Other items may fail to match it, making it impossible for your bike to return to its running condition again quickly. So, once you know the type and model, you can start looking for any specific component or accessory.

Having a great ride isn’t just about the bicycle itself. It’s also about electric bike accessories that augment its uniqueness and gear that ensures your safety on the road. Browse this section, find the items you need, or give us a call to request a missing one!