Long battery life of electric bikes

C-FAT20810-MBL+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


C-FAT20810-WB+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


C-FAT20810-WBL+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


C-FAT20810-MBL-Z+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


C-FAT20810-WB-Z+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


C-FAT20810-WBL-Z+ SH-DC001-MB-UL


NS-FAT20S900-MB + SH-DC011-B


NS-FAT20S900-MBL + SH-DC011-B


NS-FAT20S900-CM + SH-DC011-B


NS-FAT26S900-BL + SH-DC012-B-UL


NS-FAT26S900-O + SH-DC012-B-UL


NS-FAT26S900-MB/D-FAT26S900-MB + SH-DC012-B-UL


Double your e-bike battery lifespan with Ecotric Extra Battery deals

Hitting the terrain on an Ecotric e-bike is a way to happiness. But there’s one thing that may steal your joy when you least expect it: getting out of battery juice when the pack reaches the highest level of its capacity.

Similar to the battery life of electric vehicles like Tesla, Ecotric bikes run on rechargeable batteries that will die one day. To extend the pure joy of riding your bicycle, snap up our new deals with an extra battery pack. With them, you can double your e-bike battery lifespan by replacing an original dead battery with a spare one from the comfort of your garage or porch. It’s easy to do — no cables or expensive tools are required.

Extra Battery deals are available for Ecotric fat-tire and other series. By snatching one for the bike you want to buy, you can save $100+ without further ado. There’s no smarter way to spend a dollar than investing in a replacement pack straight away to reduce the hassle and costs when your battery is out of charge forever.

How long does an electric bike battery last?

Ecotric bikes rely on lithium-ion batteries to power your ride. Their capacity varies from one bicycle series to another, but they all are covered by an Ecotric original 18-month warranty. It gives you peace of mind to ride our bikes for a year and a half without worrying about battery issues.

On average, Ecotric bikes can be powered for 400-600 cycles by recharging the battery until it reaches its maximum capacity. Depending on how often you switch to the electric mode and your riding style, a full battery cycle can cover your day trip or several trips.

Even though the service life of our batteries is shorter than the lifespan of electric vehicle batteries because of the unit size and capacity limits, we put a premium on the quality of our packs. Their efficiency is guaranteed as part of our 18-month warranty. What’s more, they are portable to minimize theft risks during the charging process or when your Ecotric bike is left unattended.

Extended warranty options for our batteries

An 18-month warranty is a standard type of coverage for all our bicycles, frames, and battery packs. You get it by default when purchasing one of our electric bikes. For an additional fee, you can invest in more comprehensive protection of the long battery life of electric bikes by Ecotric:

  • Extended Warranty A. Keep your e-bike battery lifespan protected from battery quality issues for 30 months.
  • Extended Warranty B. Peace of mind is best achieved with this warranty for 42 months of flawless battery performance.

Explore various warranty options for your purchase and how well they pair with our Extra Battery deals. With the right mix, you can get an awesome bike, a spare battery, and outstanding service life protection akin to EV battery longevity. Ride with confidence and double the number of charging cycles available for your e-bike!


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