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Great price for an ebike

I have had the bike for 4 months. Works very well. No suspension on the front fork or seat means I have to watch for potholes and bumps. I had noise from spokes, but I put silicone lube on each end of the spokes as well as where they cross, which stopped the noise. I raised handlebars with a steering stem extension. I had to get a longer front brake cable to accommodate the higher handlebars. Fun to ride, pretty quiet. I have gone only a maximum of 15 miles, but never got below half charged. I weigh 220 lbs. I do wish there was even a slower speed with PAS, but that’s only to be able to ride with someone who wants to go slower. Easily worth the $600 I paid.

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike-Orange
Monika Kost (Huntington Station, US)
Great Bicycle!

Love this bike. Got it up to 22 MPH in the sand. It does best on packed sand. A little tough to maneuver if the sand isn’t packed. Highly recommended!

Wife loves it

Bought this for my wife who has bad knees and needs surgery. She rides this most days and with the little amount of peddle assist she uses her knees feel good. Would definatly recommend this bike

better bounce for the ounce

best upgrade ever. if ya think ya do not need this , try one without it. your thoughts on this will change.

Excellent Service

Replacement Battery was shipped the same day I placed the order. It was out of stock for months but I received the battery within a few days of placing my order. Excellent communication from Ecotric.

20" fat tire 48v folding bike

Great bike, very fun. Many of the features of bikes costing hundreds more. Great support. Thanks Ecotric.

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike-Orange
robert Berger (Lake Stevens, US)
Nice ride

So far so good.. range about 20 miles to keep recommended charge left on battery for re-charge.. plenty of power and a solid ride

We really like this bike

I bought this for my wife on her birthday. She loves to ride bikes, but she doesn't have the strength in her legs that she used to have. She really likes this Ecotric Starfish bike. The pedal assist modes work great. She only uses mode 1 and 2. Mode 3 is a little too fast for her. Besides that, there is the handlegrip accelerator, which we call "motorcycle mode," which is also great. Finally, we are able to ride the bike as a regular bike, because it has 7 speeds.

Pros: Step-through design, 20" wheels, folds small, runs a long time on a single charge, goes plenty fast for us, the color is great, easy to ride.
Cons: The pedal cranks are short - we wish they were an inch or two longer to give a wider circle to pedal. The gearing is too low. Even in 7th gear the pedals have to be moved very fast just to go a moderate speed. This would be fixed with a larger front sprocket.

All in all, this is a great bike and my wife loves it.

Ecotric Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike - Blue
steven Sperry (South Jordan, US)
Fun bike

This bike was well made. All the parts fit nicely and work. Not a fast bike by any stretch but very fun to ride. Not sure why the brakes are reversed (left one works the rear). It’s a European thing. If the electronics hold up, and I think they will, I will probably buy another so when the grandkids come over they can go riding. Had to adjust the brakes a little because they were hanging up just a tad. I really find very little fault in the bike. For the price you get a great bike. My wish would be that the battery had a little more range. 20 miles should be enough for most people. Buy one and enjoy it.

Started off.....

Bike had a bad controller. After contact with customer service, and some photos, a new one was shipped. Hooked it up, and the bike works fine. I haven't been able to ride for the past almost ten years because of complications from hip surgery. So I was a bit Leary getting on and going, but I really wanted to ride again. I used to do trail riding on a mountain bike. Long distances. I know I can't do that anymore, but with this bike I can ride, and hopefully get myself pedaling again in time.
My first ride was cautious, just around the block. I went again, and got myself a little lost thru the development. It was so awesome and fun just being back on a bike, I didn't want to stop.
I definitely love this bike. Second one I purchased. The first I gave as a gift to a good friend. It was a 26 fat beach/mtn bike, which fits him well. With Me being a bit shorter, the 20 fat folding is perfect.
We will be back on the trails, with a bit of electric help. Great bike, and buying experience, even with the initial controller issue, I still will give a five star review. Awesome, fun bike!
Customer service was prompt, and courteous, as was shipping.

Best upgrade!

With the stock forks, this heavy bike feels every pothole, rough road on dirt or concrete, with a jolt. This fork does a great job of smoothing out the ride A LOT. With this fork and a suspension seat post, my wrists and a$$ are happy! Only issue is it shortens the brake line so the handle bars can’t fold down. Not an issue for me. Just get it!

Battery issue

It's nice but the battery won't charge 14 months later.

Awesome and Affordable Electric Bike

The "Tornado" is a well-designed, well-made affordable entry level electric mountain bike with a full suspension. This powerful, practical, and affordable bike makes riding for fun or exercise very enjoyable. The powerful electric drive system is very quiet and smooth. Thank you Ecotric team for the great bicycle that keeps me enjoying the ride!

Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike
TALNISHA OLIVER (Prestonsburg, US)

DONT WORRY, THERE IS A MANUAL FOR THIS BIKE! all you have to do is email them and ask for it! It’s a complete assembly guide. Don’t listen to that other guy when he says there isn’t one. It took literally not even a day to me to get them to reply

So far so good, no complaints. This is my second bike, and both are still running. Very happy with Ecotric!!

Portable Thermal Insulation Bag
Anthony Meece (Phoenix, US)

Portable Thermal Insulation Bag

Rear Rack for Hammer Electric Bike
Kenneth Simmons (Catawba, US)
Fits like a glove!

Thanks for fast delivery. Very nice addition.

Enjoying the Ride!

The bike has been fun to ride. It allows me to explore the bike trails in our area. As a result of the increased range of the pedal assist I have been able to see so much more of the trails. I look forward to many years of use from this bike. So far, so good. I recommend it.

The up and down side

Ok I have attempted several times to post my view but somehow seem to loose it so I'm going to make this short no pics this bike works well a way for me to get around seems solid concerns are air pressure in tires won't hold rim separation I notice when putting together and the fenders are flimsy and not to secure like I would want it to be for the price of plastic .the seat is to narrow for me so I ordered a wider seat from Walmart they have some nice accessories as well for ebikes cheaper I give this bike a four rating because of my concerns . Especially at this price point.

This company sucks. They want to charge a restocking fee of20 percent. Don't buy from these guys. TOXIC COMPANY!!!!

Love it

Ride nice can’t wait to get another one

Nice bike

Bike is everything advertised. Shipment arrived late because of FedEx.

Rear Rack for Seagull Electric Bike
Charles Hank (Newington, US)
Seagull cargo rack

It took a little bit of time for it to arrive. Didn't have any problems assembling it to my seagull ebike. I'm very pleased with it. And I have recommended ecotric e bikes to alot of friends and family. Since I purchased mine thank you ecotric....

Great bikes, great service.

I have purchased many bikes from Ecotric, and have been very satisfied.

When I had a problem with a purchased battery, I got a replacement sent out quickly. Unfortunately the UPS messed up delivery, and I never received.
That's an ongoing case.

Ecotric is a reliable company, and Ill do business with them again in the near future!

Great for the price

Love the twist throttle. This is a good bike for the price, it needed tuning as soon as it arrived, the rear brakes needed to be taken apart and fixed, but other than that it’s great.


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