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Great bike

Great Bike! Seat could be a bit bigger, ‘but’ that maybe personal concers.

Love it makes ride more enjoyable

Great Find!

We bought two - one so my wife could get back on the bikes with a heart condition, the other one so I could keep up. Glad I did! These things are fast, fun and still let you get a good workout (optional). We are impressed with everything about it - quality, speed, battery life, etc.

Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle - Matt Black
Frank Talk Imaging (Staten Island, US)
ECOTRIC SEAGULL my first ebike.

My first ebike and I am very happy about my new Ecotric Seagull. I give it 5 stars

Decent fenders

These fenders definitely perform the purpose of which they were made but I would like to see A design feature added to the rear Fender for better support. It's 2 floppy And I'd also like to see the Fender in matte black as well as the gloss.

I love this bike

took my first ride today...20 miles. This is a great bike. Sturdy and has good power. Totally satisfied, although the assembly instructions were not very good. The seat is very uncomfortable; but that can be fixed.

Better than expected

Bike has been better than expected. I also was not shipped a lock but the team sent it out the next days with no problems.

I like it

So far so good. Assembly would have been impossible without YouTube as your instruction manual was essentially useless. I’m hearing some rubbing on the brake disc which I think is a slightly bent disc but that’s easily fixable. Other than that, it’s been a pretty fun ride. I would recommend it to anyone. I was very impressed by how quick it shipped and also pleasantly surprised by how much bigger the bike was in person.

Great for a short person

Love this bike. I’m 76 y/o, 4’11”, 100 lbs. and this bike is a so easy to ride. Previously had another folding ebike but it weighed so much, I never felt comfortable riding it. The step through frame makes getting on and off a breeze. I’ve been riding every day since it was delivered. I had almost forgotten what fun it is to ride. The Starfish is great looking, light weight, and a great price. I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in riding an ebike.

Another great bike from Ecotric!

I purchased a Ecotric 20" fat tire three years ago for my 65th birthday. After putting over 5,000 miles on my fat tire I decided I wanted to upgrade and chose the Seagull. Like the fat tire before it, it's a great bike! I live in the Sierra foothills, so I have a lot of steep inclines to deal with. Although the fat tire handled the inclines, it took a lot of effort. The Seagull handles them with ease. I highly recommend the Seagull.

Super dope!!!

I must say this bike exceeded my expectations! I’m 5’4” so it was a bit tall for me, however I figured out how to ride using the throttle for initial take off. I immediately ordered 2 more of the 20 inch fatties for my sister and myself and kept the 26 for hubby. I love the 20 too but this 26 is my fav. I only wish they made a 24

S900 LCD Display
Armando Gonzalez (Mesa, US)
S900 Delivery

Very simple to replace the broken parts.

Front&Rear Light
James Betz (Auburn, US)

Great lights

Suspension front Fork for 20" folding fat bikes
Cody McIlhargie (New Baltimore, US)

Changes the whole bike ! Night and day! Glad I got one before the sold out . Solid shock. No low grade crap here .

Best E bike

Fast as shit. Like it. Gets me where I want. It doesn't die on me fast. I can do also deliveries.

It's great

Decent Value but a Few Issues

Overall this bike represents decent value. The ‘go’ is great but the ‘stop’ isn’t as good. Throttle response is good, brakes squeal & stopping distance downhill is too long.

Assembly was easy other than one of the bolts for the rear fender was too tightly installed & couldn’t be removed so the fender is held on by one bolt only.

With a few improvements that wouldn’t cost a lot I’d give it 5 stars but it’s still decent value for a teenage bike.

Fenders for 26" Fat Tire Electric Bike and Rocket
Chris Meller (Sterling Heights, US)
Fast shipping and they look good

The fenders did arrive quickly but I have not installed them. My Snow Beach is at my local bike shop getting a "once over" before getting on the road. I can't wait to get on the road.

Fun Bike. Well worth the money.

I absolutely love this bike. I thought it would struggle on hills with me on it. It doesn’t even hesitate to go. So much power. I love how the fat tires make the ride more comfortable. I also like how I can cut the peddle as sit down so I can work my legs and get in shape. And lastly this bike is very well built. Strong and sturdy. I highly recommend it to anyone on a budget.

Love the electric assist!! Very nicely built bike. Wish the handle bars were higher.

Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike - White
rod naz (San Francisco, US)
Very good eBike with room for improvement

Vortex is easy to assemble. It comes with a key which is of no use because it doesn't turn on/off anything. I thought my battery was broken as it does not turn off. I reached out to Ecotric that's how it is. I do swear that when I assembled it, it turned off and on first few times with the key. The bike is very stable. It's quite heavy even without the battery but not a big issue but could be better. The pedal assist is just right. The throttle is really good. I bought this less than a month ago so I have no gauge of how long can the battery last as far as charge and mileage is concerned. Overall, I will recommend this bike as it is a very good deal to start on an electric bike.

Hi, Rod! Sorry for the battery problem! We have reported this issue back to our engineer. Our customer service will give you a satisfactory answer. Thanks for your understanding!

Great bike!!

I just took it out for my first spin ever on a bike.. at 70yrs old!! Five miles! Awesome experience!! (and very sore legs and butt :) The 5 speed pedal assist worked great. On 5, for me, a little too fast on the start of pedaling (yes, you need to pedal up to the 5th assist level.. not use it at the start of pedaling). The throttle had plenty of power and was extremely smooth. I changed out the seat for a more comfy padded one. I have one long, steep staircase where I live... so, the 60+ lbs was challenging, but I did it twice yesterday. It appears to be just a different kind of workout carrying this bike up flights of stairs. The folding of the bike was super easy! And because I live in a studio apartment... very convenient. Now to get my kids one of these.....

Controller - LED
Daniel Lopez (New York, US)
I think it's good.

The reason I say that is because it did not fix the problem, still with customer support trying to figure out the problem but shipping was great tho.

Ecotric Vortex Electric City Bike - Matt Black
Chrissy Heim (Indianapolis, US)
Ebike Vortex

Its a great bike and is the best affordable bike. The only down side is no shocks to absorb curbs and bumps, other than that its great.

So far I love the bike And I decided to buy another one for my daughter. It’s my first ecotric bike and I had shattered my knee two years ago and waited to buy this bike cuz I had no flexibility I’m my knee. Even though I still can’t pedal I can ride this bike. I’m going to use this bike as a therapeutic measure for getting more mobility. My daughter is only 4’11” and I emailed the company to ask if they had a bike smaller that mine and I believe it was only a few hours to a day later that I received a return email. The customer service is the best. And amazingly they do have a bike for such a petite person. We are still waiting for this second bike but I believe Ecotric has opened up a new world for me.

Hi, Madeline! Sorry about what happened to your knee. We are so glad that you use this bike as a therapeutic measure for getting more mobility. We are always trying to provide more possibilities to our customers. Thank you for giving Ecotric bike more meaning! Ecotric wishes you a speedy recovery!


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