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Unhappy with Fenders

The rear rack was fine (other than having to find a longer screw to mount it), but the fenders did not fit properly. There were no instructions included, so I had to wing it when installing. I actually had to cut the back fender for it to fit properly. The front fender fit fine, after I figured out how to install it.

Really dope bike for the price cant really go wrong.

Vortex electric bike

Great bike so far. I would suggest to Ecotric that a shock front fork would be a great addition to this bicycle, the ride is a little rough. Overall the power is good, motor makes some noise going full throttle and up some hills. If I were to purchase again, I would make a step up for better ride, more power.

My charger came quickly and works fine.

Ecotric accessories... Folding Bike racks

Ordered two racks... they took just a few days to get to Minnesota and the install was easy.

Made a BIG Decision and so far do not regret it

With the Pandemic and the political climate, especially infrastructure, I decided to give up the 4 wheel gas-guzzler and go with an eBike for commuting since I run my businesses from home and have everything I need, including Walmart and a hospital within 3 miles of my house.. I've had my Peacedove, a.k.a. Reisende, for about 3 weeks now and I love it! She is reliable,safe, and a great value! I'm saving so much money, getting fit (when I don't use the throttle), and love getting out in the fresh air!

A must have for the streets of NYC.

Don’t look at this as an item that only necessary for off road, or rough riding. This is a must for NYC street. I rode for about a year without it because it wasn’t in stock. I put it on, and there was a noticeable difference the first ride with it. The install is easy, same as installing the factory stock when you unpacked the bike. Bang for the buck is big also. Compare getting and installing a front suspension fork on other comparable bikes; or even the cost of getting a comparable bike with the suspension fork standard.

Overall, I would highly recommend this accessory.

Ecotric 48V Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with LCD display-junior

Fast Shipping! No problems

I haven’t had a chance to install these yet, but it arrived very fast.

Love it

I have had the Peacedove bike for 1 week and absolutely love it. Have put about 35 miles on it and now battery at 1/3 so I charged it. My neighbor has same bike, showed it to me in the Fall and I asked for one for my 50th birthday. Live in very hilly area and I would never ride my bike as I would get worn out and was completely miserable going uphill to home. Now I can ride this bike and use the pedal assist to get up the inclines and it is amazing. What freedom. It’s a heavy bike but super cute and very comfortable and with 7 speeds still can easily pedal for most of the time and then I use the level 1 (of 3) on pedal assist when I get tired or have incline. It is pretty powerful and really zooms along at the level 2 or 3 or throttle, which I don’t really need to use often. I feel getting more exercise and get to enjoy riding on street or trails to parks. I am a big hiker/ walker but it’s nice to travel farther and ride a bike again. It is true that the instructions for assembly were scant and terrible but able to figure it out. I also wish the fenders were more sturdy instead of thin plastic. But I absolutely love the bike and am very happy with my purchase, especially for the price.

Fun to ride, good quality for the price.

Easy to assemble. Be careful when opening the box, I used a knife and stabbed the tire and popped it. Oops. Overall seriously fun to use and pretty good quality considering it is less expensive than other e-bikes. I didn’t attach the fenders as I didn’t feel I needed them.


Love my hammer. 10 stars

Double the pleasure

After seeing many electric bike ads. I was very pleased at the price of the Starfish. So much so that I purchased 2 of them and the price was still cheaper then the others. I figured when i ride it would be more fun with a friend and they would need a bike too. Always a fun time and friends are amazed how fun it is. It is easy to fold and unfold and both fit nicely in my SUV. I keep one folded in the back so it is ready to go when i am and the other i ride locally right from the house. Easy to get use to the extra boost and still get exercise. My only complaint would be after enjoying riding it for too long a stop for an ars break is nice. Would be nice if there was another seat option. Other then that i am a satisfied customer twice over.

Almost perfect

When strapped to my 20" folding fatbike it flops around a little side to side. I think because front strap follows steering stem. The zipper also needs to be snuck past the stem when opening and closing. These are not defects, just the way it is. The screen of my phone is clearly visible and touch sensitivity is good. I like it!

Love it!!

I give it 5 stars

I'm loving it. Get around town a lot faster

rocket fat tire

bike is a bit tall for some riders, otherwise great

This bike is too much fun

This bike came with some assembly required and after that I tried it out and Woah! It exceeded my expectations like no other. I am now addicted to this bike, it is so much fun to ride around the city of Chicago and my friends all want one now too. It's a heavy bike but it folds up and I can store it nicely. It's like a motorcycle. Get one, that is my advice to you.

Hi, Maximillian! We are glad that Ecotric bike can bring so much fun to you. Thank you for tursting and supporting Ecotric! Have a nice riding!

Perfect for my 10 year old son!

We bought this bike for my 10 year old son’s birthday and he loves it! We had already purchased one last year and thought it was awesome, so we got another! Fantastic product.

Happy Birthday!! What a active boy! Thank you for sharing this happy moment with us!

Saddle bag

We got two of these for both bikes. They are big than we thought. Have the on top of our back racks. Love it

Rocket review

Love the bike. Ride 8 plus miles a day. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an electric bike.

Awesome city bike

Awesome value. Bike is perfect for SF street hills. Easy to assemble, 90% pre assembled!!!. Only thing I changed was the seat. Needed a softer one for commuting. Added a universal back rack to hold the six pack beer cooler. Ready for a city road trip

26" Fat Tyre mountain bike fenders

The fenders were very easy to fit and have prevented spray from the wheels which is exactly why they were purchased. Don't like having a mud strip up my back. In fact, due to how well they have worked, a second pair of fenders are currently in transit and will be fitted to my second ebike. All round a good buy.

I like it.

Great fit and finish. Arrived on time. Everything needed to mount rack was included. Install was simple.


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