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Great ride, fun

the bison has great acceleration, i did have to change the settings to make it go 26mph, i did not realize the brake system is hydraulic i started to have a leak in my front brake handle it must have loosened itself because i go over a lot of bumps, the recall was for the rear fork they said that it had cracks in the welds and i was told i could send it back for a refund or have a new fork sent to me for free and install it myself i chose to install it myselftalked with the email [****] back and forth they wanted to confirm that i was able to repair it myself and the shipping info they usually replyed same or next day, very good service. i still need to make fenders for when i ride in the rain the ones i have seen online like amazon look flimsy and cheaply made i need to make ones that can take bumps and not fall off or hit the tires.

Great upgrade for your folder

I really wanted this option, but didn't want to pay for the 48 volt. This is a great upgrade for trail riding.

Dolphin eBike

Well worth the money. Loving it lots

Ecotric Repairs

My used Ecotric (5 years old) had an issue where the motor was no longer engaging. I took it to a bike repair shop and they informed me they may be able to fix it, but I would need a new control module and wiring harness and they might be able to fix it. I emailed Ecotric support, told them about my problem and they prepare an invoice for me for all the parts I would need. All I had to do was access the link they provided me and make the purchase. Super Easy!. Thanks Ecotric support. The bike has been fixed and is now riding awesome!!

Love it. Will be ordering another for my husband.

Thank you!

The very best service I could ever receive and very accommodating! Thanks for making and servicing e-bikes and your honest customer service!

Brake levers
William Aldeman (Minneapolis, US)
Great job

Great job

Great bike

This is a great bike for the money. We looked at a lot if different ones and ordered this one. It is very well made and meets my needs.

This controller fixed the problem

Replacing this controller fixed my ebike problem

Easy to order.

Rear Rack for 20" Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike and Dolphin
Cheryl Engen we are happy with the bike rack (Lake Havasu City, US)

We are happy with the bike rack

Passenger seat

End result is great. But a bit of a hard time adapting to the bike as there were no instructions and needed a little elbow grease to have it all line up. But its great when done.

Good Fitting Fenders

Good fit, happy with quality of these fenders

Luv the rack

The rack fits just right, easy to install and it fits my needs.

Great rack

Fit like a glove. Easy to install. Will be ordering another rack for my second dolphin.

Rear Rack for Seagull Electric Bike
wesley wesleyfclark (Oakland, US)

Nice addition to the bike

Ecotric hammer

I love my new fat tire hammer ebike! I get so many people complement me on this badass bike! It is so much fun to ride and has a lot of power! Love this bike

Easy to put together, looks fly as hell

This bike cool

ECOTRIC Disc Brake Pads - Square Shape
Laura G. (South San Francisco, US)
Brake pads

Ecotric was able to quickly supply and deliver brake pads. Thanks

Makes up hill flat

Just came back from Yosemite. Took my Hammer up to Mirror Lake. Made the up hill feel flat. Was the easiest I been up that hill since they stop running the busses. No lack of power from the bike.

ECOTRIC Disc Brake Pads - Square Shape


fast refund

I bought the gold 48 had some issues

I bought the gold 48 volt old decal very pleased with the bike was displeased with the braking system I had problems with motor and Battery the warranty saved my bike terracotta we went through Hurricane Ian that was our only transportation they honored their warranty and sent new battery and new Wheel and Tire with motor I must have just got a bad one all in all one hell of a bike for the price your best one to get we're going to buy another one

Great addition to e bike

Well I finally broke down and bought the rack for my 20” fat bike. It is a great accessory and helps me when loading the bike in the trunk. Wished it came with the bike and included a tail light. Very pleased with it

Throttle for Model 20'' fat bike, 26'' fat bike, Hammer, Seagull, Vortex ,Peacedove and Leopard


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