Battery for Ecotric Rocket, Leopard Vortex and fat tire beach snow with newest battery
ecotric-Battery for Ecotric Rocket_Leopard Vortex and fat tire beach snow-rear
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Battery for Ecotric Rocket, Leopard Vortex and fat tire beach snow with newest battery


This 36V 12.5Ah (450 Wh) Lithium-Ion battery pack, designed for Rocket, Leopard, Vortex, and Fat Tire 26” Beach Snow, has reliable quality and superior performance. The battery pack uses quality lithium-ion cells, which have high energy density and high discharge efficiency. And it has a super long service life, whose cycle life can reach more than 600 times. For portability and anti-theft reasons, we've made a detachable design that you can take home to charge. The battery securely mounts to the base without connecting any wires.

A spare battery can double the distance you travel. You can completely immerse yourself in the journey without being bothered by low power.


Rocket, Leopard, Vortex and Fat Tire 26” Beach Snow.


Rated voltage: 36V

Battery capacity: 12.5Ah

Weight: 11lb

Built-in charge level indicator

Lockable and removable with two includes keys


The battery also has an 18-month warranty. You can view our return policy for details.

For assistance in choosing the right battery for your Ecotric e-bike, please contact us via email(

If you can't decide, please send the photos of your old battery to our email:, we will give you the right link.

Customer Reviews

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fat tire battery

the battery works great just wish it lasted longer, and do you guys repair referbish old/worn out same battery and if so please leave me another email....tyvm:)


The Rocket is A work horse of a bike. Took it to work all winter in WV .1,248 mile upgrade extra battery so I can now do a 50 mile round trip .also added cupholder , headlight, solar tire lights, phone holder , utility bag , watch , rear view mirror , onguard lock for rear an a gun lock for front tire , diamond plate front fender ( homemade) , rear rack (diamond plate) homemade upgrade . seat cover memory foam extra cushin . O ya , a DOT helmet . I splattered a bike helmet be careful. a few stickers and a licence plate. I bet I only peddled 25 miles since I bought it !

WOW! What a awesome bike! Your Rocket is armed to the teeth! We are very glad that you love and trust ECOTRIC bike so mach. Thank you for your supporting ECOTRIC.

Extra range

Battery was charged prior to shipment and extra care was taken to ensure it arrive in New condition. Its been thru 4 cycles and works great. Will be buying 4 more in the future for long range riding


Have not got to use it much bad weather but I will soon.

Extra battery, Investment in the future

My trips are usually under 10 miles, so I have not needed an extra battery, but I think of this as an investment in my bike. I assume I will be riding this bike for at least a decade, so I might as well have a replacement battery at the ready.
I do love that the battery fits perfectly in the saddle-bag. It gives me piece of mind, in case I ever need to travel longer distances than usual.



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