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26'' fat-tire bicycles for all types of adventurers

Explore what traveling over snow and sand feels like with confidence! Buy an Ecotric 26-inch fat-tire bike with an electric motor for short neighborhood trips or off-road adventures while taking speed wobbles out of the equation. Our e-bikes with fat tires hold up to any trail – whether covered with rocks, snow, or mud – and make it easy to keep your grip and maintain your balance while riding in the sand. All roads and weather conditions are an adventurous invitation for you to hop on your Ecotric bike!

Order a 26'' fat-tire electric bike with improved off-road performance

No more packing your bike when cold days start squeezing out the sunshine. Getting a 26-inch fat-tire electric bike online at Ecotric gives you the power and versatility to cruise through the winter wonderland and marvel at snow-covered views without grip loss risks.

Ecotric bikes are equipped not only with fat, grippy tires but also powerful 500W motors, making you unstoppable for up to 19 miles of e-powered trips. If you plan to hit new trails and have doubts about the exact distance to cover, use pedal assistance to double the electric range.

Improved stability and traction make our 26'' fat-tire bicycles ideal for on-road and off-road riding. Add dual disk brakes, and you can stop your bike much faster and more safely, regardless of the terrain.

Better performance, better overall comfort

Ultimate comfort is hard to achieve for every bike rider. But even though bumps and cracks are unavoidable as you speed it up, Ecotric 26'' bikes hold up to those like a 4x4 with an advanced suspension system.

Ecotric is an adventure-inspired 26'' fat-tire e-bike dealer. While keeping our focus on your adventures, we have vigorously tricked out our bikes with triangular frames and ergonomic seats to help you achieve ultimate comfort and enjoy every pedal movement you make.

It’s waiting for you

In the mood for some color game? Select a bright color for your dream 26'' bike, with several options available.

Hate being forced to stop? Buy a bike with an extra battery!