Chain lubrication tips for e-bikes

Types of lubricating oil

Dry lube

If you often ride in dry climates, this chain oil is perfect for your electric bike. Dry lubricants consist of 90% carrier oil and 10% additives and synthetic fluids. These lubricants provide less friction and better efficiency because it does not cause the chain to pick up too much dust and dirt. The only downside to this type of lubricant is that it can wash away easily when you ride in rain.

Wet lube

If you often ride in wet or rainy conditions, this chain lubricant is perfect for your e-bike. The product has a high proportion of ptfe and synthetic oil. Compared to other lubricants, this lubricant provides better lubrication per milliliter and is less likely to be washed out by water or puddles. The disadvantage of this chain oil is that it absorbs dust and dirt most easily. If you use this lubricant, then you need to clean your driveline regularly so that the e-bike can run properly. If you neglect the cleaning service, your driveline will wear out.

Ceramic lube

The lubricant has gained popularity in the past few years because manufacturers claim it improves performance. However, it's not clear what it contains or what additional benefits people can get from using it compared to other types. Although, a company that makes both wet and dry lubricants, they also make ceramic chain oils, claiming that the product has ceramic particles. They also claim it reduces friction and is more effective than synthetic lubricants commonly sold on the market. It increases the life of the driveline and you will be able to save your money.

Wax lube

Paraffin base chain oils are industrial wax lubricants. This product became very popular within a few years. Good results have been obtained in anti-pollution, prolonging service life and improving service efficiency. One disadvantage of this lubricant is that you need to clean the chain before using the lubricant, otherwise the lubricant will not adhere to the chain and will not dry well. That means you have to clean the new chain, too.

Different lubricating oils for different e-bikes

For Mountain E-bikes

Dry lube is perfect for mountain biking. When you ride in the mountains, your e-bike has to deal with dust and dirt. Only dry lubricants can prevent this. You can also use wax based products, which are better and are not limited by the disadvantages of dry lubricants. If you are reluctant to clean the bike, then you can use standard wet lubricant, but before you buy the same lubricant, you need to remember that you will be sacrificing the life of the drivetrain. So, you have to take a look at your wallet and invest wisely in a wax lubricant.

For Commuting E-bikes

For commuter bikes, the best option is wet lubricant. You can also buy some good fenders to protect the chain from dirt. In addition, you must clean the bike if you want the vehicle to have a long life.

How to Oil Your E-bike Chain

So, the question is how to oil a bike chain? To oil the chain, you need to swap in the sprocket and intermediate gear. You can turn the bike upside down or on a stand that requires a slight cranking. You can apply a steady stream of oil to your chain, but experts recommend dripping oil is more effective. If you refuel one by one, it won't go to waste. When you're done with the entire chain, stop the application and pedal back faster. This way the oil will get to where it is needed. After ten to fifteen seconds, take a cloth and wipe off any remaining oil from the outside of the pan. Finally, you have to pedal forward and move the chain in different gears.

How Often to Oil Bike Chain

If you ride your bike almost every day, it's a good idea to clean and lubricate your vehicle regularly. Oil needs to be in the chain and it will give better performance. People often ask how often a bicycle chain should be oiled, and experts suggest that if you clean and lubricate your chain once a month, it will be well protected and provide better performance.

Drivetrains and chains are the dirtiest. Therefore, you need to clean these parts regularly, even if you use wax or dry lubricant. If you neglect cleaning and oiling procedures, you may get some bad news, like:

  • Lower shifting performance
  • Increased wear and drivetrain cogs
  • The reduction of chain link flexibility
  • The chain will wear faster


You can ride any type of e-bike, but it's important to maintain the chain regularly. You can get an idea of chain oils from the above and invest in the right type of bike lubricant.