Could Financing Be The Right For You?

Could Financing Be The Right For You?

Looking for a new Electric Bike, but short on cash? Then you might be interested in financing. Financing can help you buy the bike that will meet your needs for years to come. 



We only offer one type of financing at Ecotric because it is the best type, PayPal Credit. Paypal has long been recognized as the leader in online banking transactions thanks to their partnership with eBay. Paypal is now a trusted leader in financing as well. Ecotric has teamed up with Paypal Credit to offer you the best financing deal in the electric bike industry. 

Financing for 6 months - INTEREST FREE!

 If you pay it off in full after 6 months, making your minimum monthly payment on time each month, then you'll pay 0% interest. If you don't want to pay before the promotional period ends, you will owe the interest that has accumulated at an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 19.99% starting from the posting date (which is usually within a few days after the purchase date).



You will ultimately need to make the decision whether financing is right for you or not, but we can suggest that you take a look at your finances and determine a few things first:

  • Do you make enough money each month to afford the monthly payment?
  • Will you actually commit to riding your electric bike instead of your car at least a few days a week to realize those savings you are hoping to gain?
  • Are you good at saving money?
  • Do you have good enough credit to qualify?

We only recommend that you apply for financing if you said yes to each of those questions.

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