Ecotric January Lottery Review

Last month, we gave away free e-bikes to two lucky customers! We randomly selected two orders using a computer, and then we emailed them to say they had won a raffle and would get a full refund for their orders. 

At first they were full of confusion, thinking we might be a fraud. But after patient explanations from our staff, they learned that this was an official Ecotric event. They were also very grateful and excited and shared their joy and happiness on social media. 

You can see they like our product very much. What we do is we hope to spread hope and energy, and we hope that everyone can pass on these positive attitudes. You may be in school, you may be working, you may be a boss, or you may be retired. But either way, Ecotric wants you to know that we're always there for you. Always remember to love yourself and enjoy your life no matter how busy you are! Keep a positive attitude and life will give you what you want!