Electric Boarding Co | Ecotric Bike Review | Guest Article

Electric Boarding Co | Ecotric Bike Review | Guest Article

By The Electric Boarding Company. 

Why we love the Ecotric Fat Tires…

The Ecotric Fat tire electric bikes are leading e-bikes and a customer favorite at EBC. Not only are Ecotric bikes extremely efficient, user friendly and have an extremely helpful after-sales team, that’s no limelight stolen from the fact that their bestselling e-bikes are simply awesome! With 26-inch tires, the Ecotric Rocket, 2019 Fat tire and the Ecotric hammer model can glide over debris, cracks in the sidewalk and loose terrain. Weighing a mere 55-70 lbs including the battery, and an onboard display featured, the all-terrain e-bikes come with all the bells and whistles, including mechanical disc brakes and a 265 lbs weight capacity. The Ecotric fat tires are certainly their signature models, and take a look below to see our featured favorites…

Our Favorite Commuter E-bike

What’s the few things every commuter in inner cities struggle with? Time sitting in traffic, and money spent getting to work. That’s why we think that Ecotric’s 48V foldable electric bike model is the perfect commuter electric bike. This city bike is not only super light and maneuverable around city streets but foldable as well, making it safe and portable. With crime rates on stolen bikes rising in the central business districts of cities, foldable bikes and especially foldable e-bikes mean you can store your e-bike right next to your desk or in your locker, right where you can keep an eye on it. With our highest interest in e-bikes coming from New York, Los Angeles and Florida cities, the Ecotric foldable happens to be a consumer choice, and a wise one. At less than a $1000 this rechargeable e-bike will cost you less than the average commuter spends on travel p/year. Therefore, not only is this cool and trendy fat tire foldable a solution to beating the morning rush hour, your bank account will certainly appreciate the change in lifestyle, and so will your health!

Ecotric Rocket – Electric Boarding Co. Favorite

The Ecotric Rocket electric bike is EBC’s favorite e-bike, and for a few simple reasons. Compared to a traditional fat tire with the regular e-bike shape, the Rocket’s slightly sportier exterior attracts a lot of customers looking for something that looks a little more sleek. However, it’s what sits inside the technology that we and our customers adore. The Ecotric Rocket e-bike comes boasting a 35-mile range and an onboard smart display with speed sensors. Also featured on board is the 7-speed Shimano gear system. However differently to the regular fat tire e-bike, this Rocket is fueled by a 500w 36V motor hub motor and boasts an on-demand throttle! Not to mention it’s a great value e-bike for performance sitting at $999 even. 

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