Maintainence of e-bike

Maintainence of e-bike

  • Tire pressure also has a great impact on the range ofe-bike. If the tire pressureis insufficient, it will increase the e-bike’s forward resistance, and waste the limited.

  • Avoid starting from 0 to full speed. This starting mode is very damaging to the battery and motor. It's best to start with assistant mode and then use the throttle.

  • Riding e-bikes in poor road conditions or road with more uphills, the power consumption will increase. Using assistant mode when you are starting, going uphills, or riding with a heavy load can protect battery and extended service life.

  • Although the e-bike has good waterproof performance. But when riding through pools, stagnant water, etc. You should pay attention to the wading height can not be higher than the hub. To prevent water from entering the motorandcause damage. Do not wash with high-pressure water jets to avoid damage to electronic components and wiring caused by wetting. In the event of accidental water intrusion, please turn off the power immediately, remove the motor, and send it to a store for repair as soon as possible. Don’t ride the e-bike until it's fixed.

  • Frequent braking will inevitably be accompanied by frequent start-ups. Frequent high-current discharges and power outages of the battery have a great negative impact on its life. Pay attention to safety when riding, move forward at an appropriate speed, and try to avoid frequent braking.

  • Ambient temperature has a great impact on battery usage.Winter temperature is low, the battery will occur the normal phenomenon of "insufficient charge", the range will naturally shorten. After the winter, the temperature will rise, the battery range will automatically rise. In winter, appropriately extend the charging time and take heat preservation and anti-freezing measures, so as to ensure sufficient electricityand prolong the battery life. Summer, on the contrary, the battery is prone to overcharge problems, should ensure good heat dissipation, prevent charging immediately after the sun exposure. With all these noted, can effectively slow down the battery decay rate, prolong the life.

  • “The battery is died because of charging, not using.”sentence that makes sense. The correct charging habits can greatly increase the battery life. Frequent overcharging and discharging will greatly damage the battery and shorten its life. It is reasonable to charge the battery once when the battery discharges 50%-70%. And it is best to charge for about 2 hours after the charger turns green during charging. It is also very important to choose the original charger that matches the battery. Consumers must use the original charger.

  • Good daily maintenance will extended the e-bike’s life.For example: often carry out some surface dust cleaning work.Regularly lubricate front and rear axles, center axles, chains, flywheels and brake lines.

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