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Share Your Photos and Videos With the Ecotric Bike & Gain the Coupon

by eco tric on August 02, 2018

There are many ways to enjoy outdoors these days and one of them is to get an electric bicycle to maximize outdoor activities like touring and trekking. Do you like our modern, lightweight, and eco-friendly Electric bike?


  1. Take a photo/video riding an ECOTRIC eBike or submit your ebike story via social platforms, we will offer a $50 coupon for pictures, and $100 coupon for youtube videos/eBike Story respectively for your next purchase on our website.
  2. Email service@ecotric.com about the address of your social platforms showing the links. Please don't type several addresses together, it will either only show one-reachable page, or it will not be able to find any of your social platform pages. The unshown pages will be wasted.
  3. Our staff will look over and approve if your link is effective. After that, you'll get the coupon code once it's approved.



  • Title your videos/storywith Keywords – Ecotric; Review; ebike; or any other keywords you want to share.



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