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by eco tric on August 02, 2018
There are many ways to enjoy outdoors these days and one of them is to get an electric bicycle to maximize outdoor activities like touring and trekking. Do you like our modern, lightweight, and eco-friendly Electric bike?


  1. Take a photo/video riding an ECOTRIC eBike or submit your ebike story via social platforms, we will offer a $15 coupon for more than 5 pieces of pictures, and $15 coupon for videos(over 30 seconds)/eBike Story respectively for your next purchase on our website.
  2. Email about the address of your social platforms showing the links. Please don't type several addresses together, it will either only show one-reachable page, or it will not be able to find any of your social platform pages. The unshown pages will be wasted.
  3. Our staff will look over and approve if your link is effective. After that, you'll get the coupon code once it's approved.


  • Title your videos/storywith Keywords – Ecotric; Review; ebike; or any other keywords you want to share.


by Joel Redmann on September 04, 2019


by Joel Redmann on September 04, 2019

Made a video called ( part 1 seagull fenders assemble) under the name of Joel Redmann on YOUTUBE.. PLEASE LOAD AND SHARE VIDEO TO HELP OTHERS UNDERSTAND HOW TO PUT FENDERS TOGEATHER AND ON THE SEAGULL BIKE

by richard McIntyre on September 04, 2019

Well I just rode my 26" fat bike , 4.2 miles home in the drizzling rain, full throttle, all the way ! no problem. I have put this bike through several tests, from hills ,to sand . Bike is very stable at 22 to 25 mph even in the rain ,,right down hwy 98 through mexico beach . ground zero for hurricane micheal. I ride this bike every day. this bike is BAD TO THE BONE !!!!. I’ve had two flat tires in two weeks due to storm ,,no problem replacing tire tube….ON THE RODE AGAIN !!!!

by richard McIntyre on September 04, 2019

Already have 100 miles on my 26 fat in just a week ! Learning the battery ,lasts way longer then you think. The battery display shows how much battery you have ,at that certain speed .not how much actual battery is left . Also the bike goes faster now then when I first got it,20-22 mph at first now it will go 25, I think the motor gets broke in a little, I love it I ride it everyday, on the beach, on the road .up hills, down dirt roads . no problem , wind not a factor anymore. I use this bike for my transportation, besides for fun. TWO THUMBS UP !!!!


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