The advantages of e-bikes

The advantages of e-bikes

1. Freedom of action

Like bikes, being able to travel to various places can be regarded as a major advantage of e-bikes. Including "places where cars cannot go", "places where are no buses", "places where motor vehicles are prohibited", and "places where factories, mines, communities, and schools are not allowed to enter." Riding an e-bike is flexible and convenient.

Indeed, electric bicycles are small in size, light in weight, and people can ride easily around the streets and the alleys. Especially in cities where every inch of land is rich in money, e-bikes can be easily placed in the basement of the building, and stored in the designated location of the community, without occupying parking spaces and excessive public space.


 2. Economical

 Lauren lives in New York and works in the downtown. She used to drive a car every day. But just a few days ago, she bought a new e-bike. Which not only made it easier for her to go to and get off work, but also saved her a lot of gas money. Kanye, who lives in Brooklyn, also bought an e-bike for his children in junior high school . Kanye said: "Children have a long way to go to school. Riding an e-bike is fast and cheap."

Indeed, e-bike do not need to pay road maintenance fees like bikes, and the price of an ordinary e-bike is generally only between $800-$1500. At the same time, the electricity cost are only a few tenths of car refueling, maintenance, and insurance costs. Which ordinary people don't like affordable and cheap things?


3. Energy conservation and environment-friendly

Electric bicycles have another major advantage: they can achieve zero emissions and do no harm to the atmosphere. For the same distance of 50 miles, a car generally needs 0.8-2 gallons of gasoline, and a motorcycle also needs 0.2-0.8 gallons of fuel, but an e-bike only costs about 1-3 kilowatts of electricity. In the situation of the ever-increasing global energy crisis, e-bikes are a very rational choice.

Nowdays, when pollution is getting worse, the more often we use the e-bikes, the more we contribute to the environmental protection.


4. Easy to charge

 An e-bike can generally run 20miles a day, and it is also very convenient to charge: after using it during the day, you can take the e-bike battery home and charge it at night. Very convenient. In case the e-bike runs out of power, you can also rely on cycling to ride back. This is much more convenient than a car without gas.


5. Riding safety

Because e-bikes are lighter and slower (speed can be adjusted and limited within a reasonable range). And at the same time as the rider's requirements, the riding safety performance of e-bikes has been improved, especially in terms of brakes (dual disc brakes) and other aspects. Various indicators have been greatly improved, which can meet the daily travel safety needs of people.

E-bikes, in accordance with national regulations, generally require e-bikes to have a speed of less than 20 mph. So it's very safe to ride. Especially for mothers with babies, this advantage is more practical and safe.

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