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by eco tric on November 05, 2019
The charger will charge a fully depleted battery in 6—8 hours. The indicator light on the charger will be red when battery is charging and will turn green when fully charged.
Avoid subjecting the battery to high temperatures, such as directly under the sun, for prolonged periods of time.
When you get the new ebike, please first fully charge and discharge the battery for three times, then you can expend the capacity of your battery.
After fully charge and discharge the battery for three times, don't recharge the battery before it becomes completely discharged. Completely discharging will reduce the numbers of recharging cycles during the battery’s life and limit the capacity. You need to charge it in time, do not let the capacity of the power lower 30%.Never store the battery in a discharged state. After much use, your battery’s charge-holding capacity will decrease. If you find that your battery does not hold a sufficient charge, you should contact us to order a replacement.
If the battery will not be used for an extended period of time, charge it fully and recharge it every 2 months. Store it in a cool, dry place. Your battery is engineered with precision for high capacity and a long, useful life. Do not use it to power other electrical devices. Improper use of the battery will damage the battery and shorten its useful life and may cause fire or an explosion. If you experience unusual sounds or odors coming from the charger or the battery, unplug charger immediately and contact customer service.
Recharge battery after every use.
  • Do not disassemble or alter the battery or battery
  • Do not place the battery near ire or corrosive
  • Do not allow any liquids on or inside thebattery/charger.
  • Do not expose the battery/charger to extreme weather
  • Do not operate the battery/charger if
  • Recharge the battery only with a charger specified by the
  • Do not use the battery/charger for any use other than its intended
  • Only use the battery/charger on approved
Please instruct your children to keep away from the charging place.
Also take care sliding your battery in and out so you don’t bend any nodes on the battery plate.

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