Best Electric Bikes for Students

Best Electric Bikes for Students

The best electric bikes for students are often required to feature some very specific components that make them ergonomically friendly and also durable to sustain the day to day demand of being a student commuter. For example, the most important components or specs to look out for include:

  • Range: Your e-bike has to be capable of handling your commuting distance. Be sure to calculate the estimated bike range and compare it to the amount of cycling you’d be doing per day, back and forth from school or college. It is important to count for a little extra room with the ebike range in case conditions change, or the sudden need for more range appears. Typically, we recommend e-biking to and from your destination as long as it’s inside 70% of your ebike range.
  • Foldable Frame: This particular spec is important for students who don’t want to leave their bike and battery locked up outside their classroom. The benefit of the Ecotric collection, is that it features various foldable models that you can take into your classroom, dorm room, or lectures. Weighing less than 60 lbs., most of the foldables are great for students concerned about safety and portability.
  • Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is an important factor of being a commuter, to ensure your e-bike can still reach it’s predicted distance. Students often travel with heavy backpacks, sports gear and books that can add anywhere from 10-30 lbs. of additional weight. This is why we always suggest riding economically, and safely to make sure your e-bike reaches your desired distance with the added weight.
  • Terrain & Climate: While the Ecotric bike collection has IP waterproof rating’s certified for their e-bikes, terrain plays an important factor in range. While an e-bike can travel further on flat or downhill terrain, a student must remember it takes more energy for the bike to propel you up hills. Be sure to calculate range accordingly, and also use pedal assist when climbing hills also, to help conserve battery power.
  • Price Point: Ecotric boasts some of the fairest prices on the market for electric bikes. As a student looking to save on commuter costs or gas (especially now!), e-bikes are a great alternative.

Below you will find our top 3 Electric bikes for students, that we think fit the general profile of the above components and are well tailored to ensure students get what they need out of their ebike on their next commute.

#1 Ecotric 48V Foldable Electric Bike

The Ecotric 48V foldable e-bike has a comfortable saddle for low riding and has fat tires to combat tricky urban or all-terrain commutes. As a student’s it’s an excellent model for the following reasons:

  • Foldable to ensure the students can carry the bike to their desk or destination without leaving it outside locked up.
  • 45 miles per charge! This e-bike is well tailored for riders looking for an ebike that they can charge every 2-3 days, assuming their two-way commute is 10-12 miles, leaving some in reserve.
  • Included is fenders for mud protection, especially for students riding in wet climates.
  • Smart LCD display that gives you all the stats and metrics you need to keep track of your ride.
  • 220 lbs. weight capacity while maintaining its absolute range, catering for students up to 5’10’’.

#2 Ecotric Starfish Foldable Electric Bike

The Ecotric Starfish is a top selling e-bike model and has a step-through frame for easy access for all riders. With up to 1000 cycles in battery life, it’s a popular model amongst weekend cruisers, or short to mid distance commuters. Top features include:

  • 220 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Range of 33 miles, catering to almost all commuter distances.
  • Removable battery, so you can even charge your ebike at work, especially for those on longer commutes.
  • Both a pedal assist and on-demand throttle to tailor your riding style.  
  • Foldable to ensure the students can carry the bike to their desk or destination without leaving it outside locked up.

#3 Ecotric Vortex Affordable Electric Bike

The Ecotric Vortex electric bike is Ecotric most affordable standard step-over model. At a price point of $739, with an external rechargeable battery and an onboard display, this ebike is very good value for money. Top features include:

  • Range of 30 miles. Built for short-medium distance commuters, this ebike is a smooth ride and capable of handling mostly urban terrains.
  • On board LCD display.
  • 220 lbs. weight capacity to cater to students who are 5ft – 6 ft 1.
  • Lightweight at 57 lbs. Although this ebike is not foldable it’s more tailored to riders looking for a smooth biking style ride and have the flexibility to not have to worry about safety or portability.
  • 7-speed Shimano derailleur.

For any questions on which electric bike may be best tailored to your requirements as a student please get in touch with an ebike expert. All our ebikes come with a 30-day free trial as long as the bike is new and not ridden. Warranty is included on all purchases and we look to help reduce the cost of commuting as much as we can! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-347-5283.


By The Electric Boarding Company Team

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