Ecotric Comic #1


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Just ordered my Ecotric Rocket electric bike a couple of days ago. I didn't expect the delivery speed to be so fast. It arrived today. I can't wait to get it assembled.


 Got it done. Ready to take it for a ride with Purdee. Wow, it is so fast. My puppy can't even catch up with me. This feeling is so incredible!

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At this time, I don't feel like my rocket is an e-bike but my partner, just like my Purdee. It takes me to many places safely and quickly and also accompanies me through a lot of things. Now we are just sitting here peacefully and enjoy the glorious sunset glow.


Just had a new tattoo of the Ecotric logo. I love my Ecotric Rocket e-bike. It makes me feel passionate and energetic.

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Let us re-recognize our protagonists: John Ingham, Purdee, and of course
the Ecotric Rocket.

John Ingham's amazing tattoo !

Finally, let us enjoy the sunset short film John Ingham shot together

Live up to every love, ecotric will always with you.