Ecotric Comic #2

Mystery Gift

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Today is Max's birthday, we had prepared the gift for him several days ago. Now it's time to call him here to check it. Can't wait to see his face when he gets his present.


Wow, it's the e-bike I've always wanted. I didn't expect mom and dad to really buy me what I wanted the most. I'm going to take it for a ride.

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Max has his e-bike now. We can ride together from now on. Come on, Max. Let's go to have some fun with them.


To make a long story short. Riding this e-bike is so much fun. It's so fast and smooth. And I'm going to catch up with my sister now.BYE~

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Let us re-recognize our protagonists: Max, his dad and mom, and his sister.

Let us relive the joy of opening a mysterious gift with Max

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