How e-bikes help you to control your weight?

Some people think that riding e-bikes will make people lazy, because compared with traditional bikes, e-bikes can make people ride effortlessly. However, according to the study, e-bike riders burn more calories than regular bike riders because they use them more frequently and get longer distances. Even more surprisingly, riding an e-bike can burn 390 calories per hour. Here are some advantages of riding an e-bike:

First of all, riding an e-bike is a full-body aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn fat because it absorbs enough oxygen. It can greatly help riders exercise their muscles, heart and other organs. When riders use an e-bike, if they are not using a motor system, they need to activate most of their muscle groups to operate the bike.  

As we know, a lot of human muscles are concentrated in our legs, and riding a bike requires users to move their legs. In this way, riding an e-bike is a good muscle exercise. But please note that we can only burn body fat if we ride continuously for more than 20 minutes. 

In addition, the heart rate test is used to show how much blood the heart is pumping in a minute, which can be inferred as a standard of exercise intensity. When you ride an e-bike, you can feel your body producing strong energy for your heart, and your heart beats very fast. This shows that riding an e-bike is a high-intensity exercise that can help you burn calories in a big way. 

Compared to traditional bicycles, cyclists can adopt pedal-assisted mode to prevent their heart from slowing down suddenly if they have to stop suddenly to ride. Therefore, e-bikes can effectively protect the rider's heart. What's more, using e-bikes can not only exercise muscles, but also exercise wrists, hands, eyes and other human organs.

For example, when riding a bicycle, you have to hold on to the handlebars to steer. You need to use your eyes to observe the situation and the potential danger, this is a good way to exercise your eyes. Nowadays, with the popularity of smart phones and smart devices, more and more people spend a lot of time staring at the screen, which seriously damages the eyesight of their eyes. But when they ride the e-bike, their eyes can look in several directions and get exercise.

Secondly, riding an e-bike has a longer distance than riding a bike. If you ride a normal bike, when you feel tired and have no energy, you have nothing to do but stop your bike. However, e-bikes can help you go farther with the help of pedals while giving your tired legs a rest. For many e-bike riders, riding an e-bike feels like exercise, rather than doing something annoying. For those who don't ride bikes regularly, e-bikes give them a new world. 

While you may feel tired riding a bike for more than 5 miles, you'll feel relaxed with the help of an electric motor, which can greatly improve your motivation to exercise and build endurance. The farther you ride, the more calories you burn. In addition, different road conditions require the use of specific types of e-bikes.

For example, we strongly recommend using a thick-tire e-bike for coastline trips because, on the one hand, the bike can help you travel longer distances and, on the other hand, its tires are customized for those rides. In addition, some e-bikes are only for men or women, depending on their physical condition. Just like female e-bikes, this e-bike is tailored for women to make it smoother and more comfortable to ride. 

As a result, women use these bikes more frequently and, as a result, their calories burn faster. Third, e-bikes bridge the gap between traditional bikes and motorcycles. Everyone can easily learn how to use e-bikes, and riders don't need to reach a high level of physical fitness to use them. And it provides a new type of exercise, because people have the same interest in riding e-bikes and can form a group to travel around the city. People can not only meet new friends, but also exercise. 

Some customers may be wondering whether cheaper e-bikes burn less calories than more expensive ones, since the price of e-bikes on the market varies widely. In my opinion, when consumers buy an e-bike, there is no need to buy the most expensive one. Almost all e-bikes sold can help riders burn their calories if the user can stick with them. Spring is a good time to ride e-bikes with friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery and burn our body fat, so please don't hesitate to have an e-bike. For more information on e-bikes, visit