Manual For Choosing Ebikes For Gifts

Manual For Choosing Ebikes For Gifts

For elders:

Peacedove. With its step-thru design. It can help the elderly better use their bikes. And the bike is sturdy and lightweight. The ergonomic cushions will totally subvert your thoughts about the comfort of riding an e-bike. And with a powerful motor, it can satisfy all the needs of elders.

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For children: 

The Starfish, Ecotric's smallest e-bike. It's small, narrow, and foldable. Its upper tube and the handlebar stem can be foldable. Which is especially suitable for storage. And it has an aluminum alloy frame which makes the whole bike very light but reliable. And children can use it easily without effort. It is also very powerful, perfect for energetic children.

Click here to learn more about The Starfish.

For male friends:

26 fat tire,Rocket and Hammer. These e-bikes have fat tires and powerful motors, and they look really awesome. I don't think any boy would say no to a mechanical beast that could take him anywhere. Not only can meet their daily commute but can also ride off-road in their spare time. It can satisfy all the needs of a boy.

Click here to learn more about Ecotric OFF-Road Ebikes.

To female friends:

Lark. The design is inspired by the lark, which represents elegance and nobility. But for an e-bike, also has the advantages of being feminine, functional, durable, and stylish. The patented lark-like wing design is cleverly integrated into the e-bike as a shield to cover the battery, eliminating the case of a skirt or dress getting stuck in the rear wheel. It's really designed for girls. It's perfect for the daily commute or hanging out with friends.

Click here to learn more about the Lark.

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