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Large Basket

Large Basket


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Always need to do all kinds of modifications to your ebike to carry a few goods? Now you don't have to worry about it anymore! Very easy to assemble. Then you get yourself a very capable wingman!

Basket specifications:

height: 9.17inch

width: 9.84inch

length: 16.53inch

Fit For Ecotric Folding Ebikes:

20'' Fat Tire:





  • basket
  • rear rack
  • kit
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rich (Rochester, US)
Sturdy and functional

Once I requested and received the PDF file of instructions, I was able to install the rack and basket. A little piece of paper with web address would have been nice, and saved time.
In order to get a proper fit and alignment of the bar coming down on each side of the rack I filed about 1/32" off the bottom of each side before connecting so there was no interference with the rubber cover of the hubs.
Also, I purchased wing nuts to use at the bottom of the 4 bolts on the basket so I can take it off and put it back on easily.
Did not bolt the top of the basket sides, as I plan to use small bungee cords as needed.

Daniel Meyer (Indianapolis, US)
works very well

This from my son Nathan:

The basket works very well on my e-bike. It is durable and spacious and holds anything I can't fit in my backpack on my daily ride to school. I would recommend this to someone needing a reliable bike basket for their bike.

Brian Foote (San Antonio, US)
Large Basket

The basket is so well made, that I had to apply pressure to the metal to install the screws. I do wish the basket had a quick release versus being bolted to the rack.
I would definitely recommend this product. YouTube video placeholder
John King (Los Angeles, US)
Sturdy Rack and Basket

This rack and basket seem to be well made.
The rack can be used alone, when the basket is not needed, as the basket is attached with four bolts.
Substantial bending of the metal was required to effect a fit, but once installed, it is fine.

Chuck Wiggy (Orlando, US)
Sturdy Basket

Basket is sturdy, decent size & high enough to haul most things needed. However, no assembly instructions included and you really have to force pieces together in order for bolts to go thru the holes. I also wish it was a quick release basket verses bolted on.