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Fenders & Racks from the recognized e-bike rear rack dealer

An electric bike rear rack is an invaluable accessory for your two-wheeler. It can carry all your gear, from your laptop to camping supplies. It makes your bike exponentially more versatile, allowing you to use it for everything from grocery shopping to cross-country trips.

It’s not all about racks, though. If you’re like most cyclists who hate getting caught in the rain, bike fenders from Ecotric can alleviate your worries. They are designed to keep you and your bike dry, no matter how hard it rains. They’re made of high-performance steel and sturdy plastic, protecting your bicycle from scratches and other road damage.

Buy an e-bike rack and fender for your Ecotric bike

Investing in these accessories makes your electric two-wheeler ready for any journey. Order a rear rack for your e-bike and keep your trips dirt-free with a robust fender while enjoying their multiple benefits:

  • With a rack, you have a secure place to store your belongings when you’re on the go. No more worrying about your phone or wallet getting stolen if you leave them at the curbside.
  • It makes it easier to transport items, whether you’re picking up your purchases from the store or bringing books for your college classes. Keep your hands and handlebars free!
  • Fenders and e-bike racks for sale can improve the overall performance of your electric bike. Adding extra weight to the back will help keep it stable and prevent it from wobbling when you ride (which is especially important when traveling at high speeds or going down steep slopes).

Protect your ride

When riding, the last thing you want is water and mud to fly up and hit you in the face. Prevent that from happening again with Ecotric fenders that work by deflecting water and dirt away from your body. They make your ride untroubled, stress-free, and comfortable while keeping your bike looking new for longer.

Choose a compatible fender and e-bike bike rack online and celebrate the convenience and peace of mind of owning the best accessories for your two-wheeler!