Ecotric bikes 

An eco-conscious way to commute

City life is all about overcrowded buses, traffic jams and sedentary lifestyles. It gets harder to stay active and keep your endorphins up without physical activity. Can’t find time to hit the gym? Well, start commuting to work on an Ecotric bicycle!

Riding an electric bike is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to get to your destination in the busy city. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money on gas and parking space. Plus, you get daily exercise without breaking a sweat.

Ecotric is the place to shop for electric bikes for sale to meet all your eco-riding needs. Our power-assisted two-wheelers are built for zero waste and let you travel in style and comfort.If you’re tired of working the pedals when making your way to the office or out for a family getaway, the electric motor can be your lifesaver that will amplify your efforts. Have the best of both worlds by getting on an Ecotric two-wheeler equipped with a powerful battery!

Order Ecotric electric bikes for all your family members

Spending quality time together is the most effective way to strengthen your family bond. If you have no idea what activity can excite all of you, it’s time to get on an e-bike!

The Ecotric electric bike store boasts a lot of options to choose from, including off-road, cargo and step-thru e-bikes. There’s a perfect bicycle to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, get to the office or take it with you on a car journey. From now on, even long rides will never be that exhausting.

Once on Ecotric bicycles, you and your loved ones can:

  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Cut back expenses
  • Become nature-friendly
  • Get an energy boost
  • Discover new places to hold dear

Become an Ecotric bikes dealer to grow your business

Whether you’re running a bike shop or thinking about starting one, take advantage of the Ecotric dealer program. As our dealer, you can get high-quality e-bikes at lower prices than those for retail customers.

The Ecotric dealer program also includes uncompromising technical support and free shipping across the US. Order as many e-bikes as you need to fill your inventory and help your customers enjoy their e-trips!

Buy an electric bike online without having to head off to any physical store

If you live in a place with a mild climate, you no longer need a car to reach your daily destinations. An e-bike is not only an eco-friendlier alternative but also a more affordable – and often faster – way to get there on time.

You don’t need any license or insurance to ride an electric bike. And you can forget about taxes!

Invest in a cheap electric bike for a more active lifestyle with Ecotric. Our e-bikes come with a 30-day trial and a further 18-month warranty. If you’ve found your dream e-bike but can’t pay the full price, split your purchase into a few interest-free payments.