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Brake levers

It is a set of brake levers, including left and right. The length of brake wire is 1600mm.

We send them to you by USPS, please write the right shipping address. They fit for all ebikes with normal brake levers. They do not fit for ebikes with hydraulic brake levers.

Customer Reviews

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Walker W Watson (Los Angeles, US)
Brake Levers

Brake lever broke on a crash. I was able to get replacement quick and easy thanks to the support guys. They located part and sent me a link to purchase the part within 24 hours, my shipment arrived about a week later. I’m glad there are lots of YouTube videos showing how to repair the bike. It’s all done ✅ here’s a video of repair Thao

Fun to ride

I glad I was able to get my brake levers replaced since I broke mine. It was a nasty fall. Darn pot holes. It was easy to replaced. Back to riding

Ron Akiyama (Los Angeles, US)
Right brake lever

Worked great, easy to install 😁👍

Stavros Christopoulos (Aldie, US)
Parts came just like originals

Left handle on the brake broke entire body was cracked basically took off the housing and the broken lever opened it up disconnected the wire and then took the new brake lever opened it up and connected the original wire on the bike to it under no circumstances do you have to unravel all that tape and reroute it to its original spot down below unless the wire or brake line has been compromised elsewhere but if everything is intact it’s a very easy swap. Most importantly I learned how to take off the rubber handles you have to use a bicycle pump with a needle or a compressor through the opposite side of the handlebars and pump air to push the leather handle off. Do not try to twist it off I don’t care how strong you are it will beat you up and you will ruin the look of the leather handle as you will stretch the leather. This was so easy and to be honest I learned it on YouTube there’s a video on it. 10 to 12 pumps maybe less and the handle comes right off then use a drop of dishwashing liquid roll around in your finger on the inside no more than that and then pop it back on when you’re done. Happy Riding

Todd Alderman (Albuquerque, US)
Replaced brake lever and works great.

Easy to replace and works great!!



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