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Charger for model Hammer and 48V folding fat bike

Charger for model Hammer and 48V folding fat bike

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This is an original lithium battery charger for Hammer, Fat 20 48V. The charger case is made of PS/ABS material, high-temperature resistance, fire retardant, safe and durable, and also helps heat dissipation.


  • Compatibility£ºHammer, Fat 20 48V.
  • Input Characteristics :
  • Nominal Voltage: 100-240VAC Variation Voltage: 90-264VAC
  • Nominal Frequency: 50-60Hz, Variation Frequency:47-63Hz
  • Current: 2.0A


  • Output Characteristics:
  • Voltage:DC 54.6V Current: 2.0A
  • Indication Light: red light when charging, green light when fully charged.
  • Power Cord: 5-inch length.
  • Charger plug: Common 3 pin XLR connector.
  • Protection £ºShort Circuit Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Battery polarity error protection.


  • Please first connect the plug to the battery, and then connect the charger to an AC outlet.
  • When the battery is charging, it is normal that the charger is getting hot.
  • Specifically designed for lithium batteries, not for lead-acid batteries.
  • Do not operate the charger if damaged.
  • The charger is only suitable for 48V batteries and not for 36V batteries or lower.
  • We send them to you by USPS, please write the right shipping address.
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