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Upgrade your bike with Ecotric

Let’s face it – upgrades are not just for show. Whether you want a reliable lock or a boosted battery, upgrading your bike gives you immense power and control over your ride. Adding accessories like a Dolphin inner tube or a Vortex controller can seriously change the feel of your experience. You will soon be wondering why you haven’t got it for your two-wheeler earlier!

Get kitted out and buy e-bike modifications

Who doesn’t love more power without buying a new bicycle? Picking the right e-bike upgrade for sale means riding farther without pesky distractions. With quick-release add-ons and the improved braking system, you can fast-track your dinner plans or errands. Now that’s a superpower!

Look at the most popular and valuable modifications from your electric bike upgrades dealer: 

  • Locks. They are stout enough to have extra protection against sawing and tampering. If you leave your Ecotric bike behind, they give you security until you’re back.
  • Universal 4-piece suit. This all-in-one kit of upgrades includes a phone board, inflator, lock, and bright scarf that works for visibility when tied around your neck. These are simple essentials that every cyclist needs.
  • Inner tubes. They hold it all together, literally. You can grab them for your bike with fat tires.

Throttles and controllers for greater efficiency

Our throttles and controllers let your Vortex, Seagull, Rocket, Leopard, or other bike rise way ahead of the pack. Together, they optimize rotation speed, increase the operating time of your battery, and are responsible for the temperature regime in the system to eliminate overload. When installed on your e-bike, these mods ensure you can take longer trips or conquer rough terrain with no sweat. And if you add a removable meter to your two-wheeler, you will always know the current load and operation mode in real time. 

Order your e-bike upgrades online and get them into a compatible Ecotric bike. All our components are top-of-the-line and designed for longevity. You will never worry about unexpected breakdowns on the road or trails. 

Go forth. Power up. Get ready for an awesome ride!