Collection: Starfish

It's small, narrow, and foldable. The aluminum alloy frame makes the whole bike very light but reliable.
If you want to go out with an e-bike, this is the best choice you have.

Starfish bike whisking you off

Starfish is a role model in our foldable series. Ergonomic but dependable, an Ecotric Starfish electric bike is your companion for picking up some goods, getting to the office, or going out on a family picnic. Its step-thru aluminum alloy frame is sturdy, while its cutting-edge electronics ensure maximum comfort and security on the go. Ecotric Starfish foldable electric bikes for sale are perfect for those who prioritize eco-friendliness and ergonomics. This model is represented in three remarkable colors: blue, matt black, and white. Whatever you pick, you will never regret it!

Buy a Starfish city e-bike to show off Ecotric’s best-seller

The Starfish has all the features valued by Ecotric fans, like power and usability. Among them, you will also be wowed with:

● Seamless folding. The foldable handlebar and upper tube allow you to pack your Starfish down in seconds, ensuring outstanding mobility and leaving room for belongings in your car or RV.

● Electric heart. The 350W rear motor houses 20 miles of electric traction and 36 miles with pedal assistance.

● Charge and go. Thanks to its 12.5AH lithium battery with up to 600 recharge cycles and 5-8 hours from zero to 100%, the Starfish won’t keep you tethered to cables until the day is sunsetted.

● Safety. Its external seven-speed gear system and front and rear brakes are paired with pedal and throttle assistance to ensure maximum safety on the road.

● Featherweight buddy. Order a Starfish electric bike online to acquire a lightweight and fun means of transport. With its aluminum frame, the assembled bike weighs only 50.7lb. This makes the Starfish perfect for city use. It can take you uphill in a breeze, become your best friend in the rush hour, and won’t rob you of space at home.

Official Ecotric Starfish dealer

If you consider yourself active, boost your activity level with this model. Each Starfish e-bike with 20" tires comes stuffed with electronics, including a smart LED display. With your Starfish, you’ll never be late for work, school, or a date. Moreover, it will save you a pretty penny on gas and parking fees, as you can take the bicycle wherever you go. Rain or shine, sufficient water resistance allows you to ride a Starfish even in the downpour. Order a Starfish electric bike from the official dealer today!