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48VS900 meter (quick release head) for Seagull,48v 20'' folding fat bike and Bison

48VS900 meter (quick release head) for Seagull,48v 20'' folding fat bike and Bison


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Joseph Derhovanesian (New Haven, US)
I'm a Ecotric Dealer,

Not because I am a Ecotric Dealer but I find All Thier products excellent.

James Rodgers (Livermore, US)
Problem Solved

I am impressed on several levels.
1) I was able to locate the replacement on the Ecotric Website.
2) Reasonably priced
3) Shipped and received within 2 days
4) Resolved the problem
I started a ride and shortly noticed the power had shut off on my Seagul. Anticipating the worst, (previously replaced, rear wheel/motor and then the battery at about $700). I isolated the issue to a possible short in the front harness. There was no obvious sign of wear or damage externally or internally. Installed the new display and wiring. Then wrapped all the cables. Power-up was successful. Recalled that there was some configuration required in the display. Fortunately, I had some instructions which helped. Running good!

Owen Callahan (Columbus, US)
Excellent Product. Simple to replace.

I installed the replacement display within 2 hours. I had to: remove the cable wrap, separate the S900 cable from the others, snip several zip ties, remove the old cable, feed the new cable through the frame into the control box, connect the pins, re-wrap the joints with electrical tape, install new zip ties, close the control box, re-wrap the cables, install and configure the new S900. I wanted it to be secure and appear like new so I took the time to do it correctly. I can see that the Ecotric engineers identified the need for a quick release joint near the S900 so future replacements should be a simple 15 minutes task. Good job, Ecotric! Possibly, the newer ebikes are sold with that quick release joint. My Seagull is over 3 years old and didn't have it. I also see that the designers put enough cable tucked inside the frame to accommodate installing a stem riser or alternative handlebars. Again, good job, Ecotric!

Schorisky Wedderburn (Brooklyn, US)

48VS900 meter (quick release head) for Seagull,48v 20'' folding fat bike and Bison


I’m not really that impressed with the latching to the handle bars the plastic cracks to easily one of the reasons I have brought this item multiple times hopefully they come up with a new way you mount this product the device is perfect it’s just the mounting mechanism