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Electric cargo bikes for sale: De-stress your errand-running experience

Want to save yourself the trouble of carrying anything while making it to the gym, your kid’s school, or grocery store? Stop by Ecotric, an electric cargo bike supplier.

There’s no need to get in your car or call a taxi service every time you buy more groceries than planned or when your little one has some extra bags. Just put all the heavy things into the basket of your Ecotric e-bike and let it carry them for you!

Portable cargo electric bikes with LCDs for more informative riding

A bulky, awkward-looking longtail isn’t the only alternative to your gas-guzzling city car. You can now buy an e-cargo bike that fits into any space, turning it into an ultimate kid and grocery hauler.

Equipped with full-color LCDs, Ecotric cargo two-wheelers make it easy to keep a check on key ride-related insights, including battery charge and speed. You can also monitor your performance during the ride and fine-tune your fitness progress. Who said that staying fit is hard when you need to pick your child up from school or get tons of ingredients for delicious dinner ideas?

Grocery shopping and kid pickups will never be tiresome again with our electric cargo bikes for sale. The powerful motor and fat tires allow you to zip around and safely ride even if you hit a bumpy road with your bags.

Get a cheap electric cargo bike online for your loved ones

Looking for e-bikes your kids can ride to school? Do most options look too heavy, cumbersome, or unreliable? Ecotric has electric cargo bicycles loved by kids and parents. Made from aluminum, they are extremely lightweight yet robust. With our easy-to-maneuver electric bikes, your little ones can easily move their books and other belongings while getting to classes.

Because our e-bikes for carrying things aren’t designed specifically for children, you can get one for yourself, too. Hop on your Ecotrics together to travel to your favorite entertainment venue or arrange an out-of-town getaway. If you run out of battery, you can either work pedals or use standard transportation options to reach your destination. Once you fold your Ecotric e-bike, it transforms into the size of a travel backpack, so you don’t have to get back home!

Order the best cargo e-bikes with baskets

Our electric cargo bicycles make light work of carrying, whether you’re visiting a farmer’s market or picking up parcels. Forget about hand fatigue and arm numbness!

Ecotric is a cargo e-bike dealer that blends functionality, portability, and convenience in every bike design, especially those with baskets. The basket is a great helper for:

  • Carrying groceries, duffel bags, and other bags
  • Giving your little one a fun-packed lift

With up to 53 miles on a single charge with pedal assist (depends on the bicycle you go for), you can leave your car home and enjoy an easy-breezy ride. Recharge your dead battery overnight and get your bike 100% ready in the morning!