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Glide through your city with Ecotric Vortex

Commuting in a big city can be challenging because of crowded subway stations and endless traffic. There is a jam around every corner, and lights malfunction just when you make your way on foot. An Ecotric Vortex bike is your life-saving swap for a car you are stuck in every year and a solution to your urban problems. The Vortex is a healthier and more comfortable alternative to the subway or a car. Sold by Vortex electric bike dealers, this Ecotric’s creation offers significant mobility advantages over the competition in the price range and is irreplaceable for traversing the crowded city streets. Its speed and performance don’t fail when you hurry to work or have a doctor’s appointment.

The power behind the Ecotric Vortex electric city bike

Riding all day may be exhausting. We’ve equipped our Vortex models with some of the best batteries to give your ride a boost. At 36V/12.5AH, they store extra power to enable you to glide effortlessly across bike lanes and sidewalks. You’ll never get nervous about being late again. When you buy a Vortex e-bike, you get a battery for up to 600 cycles that can regain power within only 6-8 hours. All you need is an electrical outlet, and your bike will be ready at the start or the end of the day. If you want to save battery life, switch it off on your journey and indulge in some good-old riding.

Other reasons to get a Vortex e-bike for sale

The Vortex is the perfect choice for an urban environment for several reasons. It has a slick design that will surely catch the eyes of passers-by. Besides its look, a Vortex bike makes you comfortable riding it and is solidly built for paved roadways. The Vortex is also equipped with adjustable seats and durable fenders, making every ride more enjoyable. These features and a certain degree of customization make our Vortex creation (White or Matt Black) a fine addition to any Los Angeles or New York apartment. We are so sure your riding preferences will be satisfied with the Vortex that we have free shipping and a 30-day trial. If you think other series or bikes may be better for you, we’ll accept a returned Vortex. Yet, those who choose to keep it get an 18-month warranty. If you feel this one is right for you, order a Vortex bike online!