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City dweller? The Ecotric Peacedove e-bike is for you

You’re all set to spread your wings and capture the day. The Ecotric Peacedove electric city bike will become your ‘flying’ companion for urban escapades and thrilling getaways. It blends a city-oriented style, rechargeable performance, and efficiency to arrange an electrifying journey that redefines the e-bike experience.

The Peacedove bike is an exceptional creation by Ecotric, a two-wheeler synonymous with nimbleness and tech-advanced freedom of movement. Charging this one takes only 6-8 hours as it is equipped with a powerful 36V/10AH battery and a rear hub 350W motor. Its luminous LED is insightful about battery levels and speed, while its integrated sensors ensure a safe and reactive ride, providing pedal assistance when you need it most.

Spectacular piece of engineering

Keep an eye out for the Peacedove electric bike for sale in White and Black to fly over your city while switching between its modes:

  • Traditional biking experience that requires your physical effort 
  • Adjustable motor assistance for easier pedaling
  • Pedaling-free experience, perfect for taking a break while still on the move

By ordering Ecotric Peacedove, you are going for freedom and usability enhanced with a front basket and rear rack to accommodate your essentials. Load your basket with stuff, and you’re ready to go. Its rack is a product of weather-resistant steel, so it’s useful in the rain or sunshine. What better way to run errands and switch from home to office and back?

With its nimble and airy design, the Peacedove captivates and leaves an indelible impression on everyone you encounter. Its lightness is inspiring, and its mobility is beyond words. Embrace the soaring flair of the Peacedove, knowing you’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips.

Peacedove electric bike enables you to travel confidently

With a battery life of 600 cycles, the Peacedove supercharges your daily city jaunts and withstands the test of time. That means endless hours of cycling as you cross the streets and go beyond.

There’s no need to be afraid of adventurous rides or pushing the limits of your Peacedove. All Peacedove bike dealers are devoted to delivering outstanding service and ensuring you depart with the ‘wingy’ bike to complement your lifestyle. They are certified to perform basic maintenance jobs and secure your lightness and freedom with an 18-month warranty. 

Buy the Peacedove electric bike online while knowing there’s someone who can help you care about it.